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NEED HELP ASAP basic mods for moderate boost!!!

I'm new to the group and would like to introduce myself before proceeding with my concern. I've always touched, smelt and even tasted mopar, it's just in my nature! I'm a proud owner of a 700.000 mile 12 valve cummins also a 80.000 mile 318 LA with factory LPG and I just bought a 2010 Ram 5.7 non vvt with 200.000 miles.

There's a few things I want to address before putting too many miles on her let alone turbocharging. I"m aware of the notorious hemi tick / rocker failure due to worn valve spring cups and sludge. And also piston wobble due to short skirts which causes the moly to wear off.

I want her to run happily somewhere around 10 psi and I know I'll never reach "cummins reliability" but I would like to address the most common issues with the hemi.

What do I need to permanently fix the valve cup, rocker and sludge issue and whats the best pison upgrade??? I was also thinking about ARP studs.

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Welcome to the forum. Many of us have diesel support vehicles. So you are in good company. With 200,000 miles I wouldn't worry about anything other than the sludge. And then only if it hasn't been maintained on a regular schedule. You can pull a valve cover to see how it looks. If it has sludge I would first clean that up before leaning on it or modifying anything. Stock pistons can support 6-8psi. More you should consider forged piston at the minimum. Some turbo guys will be along shortly to answer your turbo questions. Good luck..
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Welcome to HTC BoostedRam.

As a fan of turbo's to say the least...

Make sure you get top quality turbo system. Buying the cheap eBay stuff will just open you to constant maintenance. Unfortunately, I know that one all too well. Be realistic on what you want the turbo & Hemi engine to do and build it as such. There's very few turbo kits out there for a gem 3 or 4 Hemi rams. Trick Performance has built a turbo kit for the Gem 3 Hemi Rams and I believe it will fit a Gen 4 also. His Kits are high quality.

TrickPerformanceProducts, LLC

One of the biggest problems is tuning to make it daily drive-able. Only know of two gen 4 Hemi Ram that was turbocharged. He had trans problems. That's the other problem your going to have with your Ram when adding boosted power. He only added 6psi boost to a stock engine and that truck hauled a$$ to say the least. That vid is around here somewhere....

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There's definitely allot more supercharged Gen 3 & 4 Hemi Rams out there than turbocharged. It's might be the more reliable way to go.
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You've come to the right place.
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Welcome to HTC first off! As for boost if you want 10 reliably you need to forge the engine and if you do might as well do the whole thing. Now if you stay around 6-8 your good to go ow issue free. The weak link is the trans as you will not be able to wot pass on highway or even let it lockdown to pass also there will be no more cruise downshift and go the trans will smoke instantly trust me I know 13 down and now a swap on the way to a518!
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I'm trying to catch up to Keith's 13 trans rebuilds. On my 3rd now.
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