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P0430 popped up lastnight

So I've have the truck a week today. Last night the CEL came on so I had it checked. P0430 right side bank 2. From what I've read about it could be just an O2 problem. my real question is with out knowing the history of this truck and it only having 57k on it. is it a good assumption that the cats are good. The truck seems to still run good.

oh and I remember down stream from some where. I'm not sure where I read it at. It could have nothing to do with it.

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No doubt the truck has sat for a while with that low of mileage. But I would try to clear the code to see if it returns. If it returns, switch it with the other rear o2s. If the code follows the o2s than it is the sensor. You can do a o2s delete. Or even buy a tuner and have a cmr tuner delete it within the tune.
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I reset the computer last night and I took a moment to look under the truck. It looks as if the right cat has been replaced already. Not done recently but it has been replaced. The CEL has not come back on as of now
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just another up date. I haven't done anything really. Went to the junk yard to see what was available, a lot of 4.7 only 2 5.7 on the yard. all of which had the exhaust missing (just my luck). The CEL came back on Sun morning all I did was reset it. I have ordered new spark plugs from rock auto (so much cheaper!!) I got all 18 because I don't know the condition of the current plugs. Other plan is to swap the downstream 02's and see what happens. Another reason I'm replacing the spark plugs is some times the truck has a little stutter. I see it at lower speeds typically when going from 20 to 30 mph. The CEL came back on this morning when I first started the truck. this is just me putting my thought to paper (sort of speaking). Going to get it scanned at lunch but I'm sure I already know what it is. Just have to make time to get started
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