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Angry Disaster!!

Details: My Truck
2011 Ram 1500 SB/Quad Cab 4x4/5.7L Hemi
114000 km/70320 mi. Just off warranty by 14000km.
Used Lucas Synth 5-30 + Stabilizer since new.
Shell gas 99% of the time.
Oil/filter change was overdue by a few thousand miles but was to be done this week prior to a long trip.
Other than this issue, I've had exactly zero problems with this truck since I bought it new other than a couple of minor issues under warranty.

Last saturday, I was just getting started on what was to be about 120 mile round trip. Truck started and ran fine for about 5 miles.

I'm embarrassed to admit I got distracted and forgot to upshift due to distraction, but, here's the scenario.

I usually drive through town with the (5 speed auto) tranny in 3rd/4th gear ... when I got to the highway, I accelerated to about 75 mph (120km) ...my usual highway cruising speed...something felt amiss and I looked down to see it was in 3rd gear and the rpms were somewhere between 3000-4000 rpm ...i'm not sure, really... I immediately upshifted to normal (5th).

That's when all the fun started....the oil light came on, so, I slowed and moved to the right shoulder of the road. At about 25-30 mph the engine stopped running and I coasted to a stop. When stopped, a warning light came on saying I should 'Service 4WD' , the MIL light came on and when I tried to restart it just clicked!!
I waited about 15 minutes and tried to start again and got nothing.
After a half hour I checked the oil level and it was well into the safe zone.

The battery gauge needle is now at 1/4 ...which, after having it checked indicated that my six year old, 700 amp battery was now at 240 amps!!

I had it towed (flatbed) to the nearest dealer and left it there from sat. afternoon til now.
Monday, the dealer mechanics put it on a charger for an hour, told me it was charged up and tried to start it.... No dice!
When I came out to see what was up, one mechanic was underneath trying to move the crankshaft by hand while another was up top doing who knows what.
Mechanic then tells me he believes the crank is seized...other options... could be seized tranny pump, seized bell housing, torque converter??

I asked if the battery was fully charged. Yep.
When nobody was looking I turned the key on and lo and behold the gauge was still sitting at 1/4 and not showing any more of a charge than it was before it went on the charger!!

Solutions offered:
Pull oil filter and see if there's any scrap metal in it. ;(
Pull tranny and check front pump and bell housing/torque convertor.
Worst case scenario, replace motor. (C$9500) !![/COLOR]

Personally, I'm thinking the battery has crapped out (bad cell/dead short?)and they should at least try putting in a new battery to see if anything changes...after all, it is over 6 years old!!

If anyone could please posit another possible cause of this no start issue, it'd be appreciated. I'm a pensioner and only recently paid of the loan for this truck... a $10,000 bill to get my truck back on the road is near impossible for me!

Thanks in advance,
Roaddawg aka Cliff

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You have a repeated post.

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