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Dummy O2 sensors

Hi, I have a 2003 Ram 2500 4X4 and just got it inspected and want to replace the cat converter with a so called test pipe. First of all, do I need to replace the O2 sensor in front and the one behind the cat with dummy also called simulator sensors to trick the computer into thinking they are still working?

Where can I buy these dummy sensors at? Or can I just leave whats in there now and tell me how to bypass them somehow? What can happen?

When I purchased the i was given a receipt showing the cost of $1200.00 for the best flowmaster system they could put on this truck. It is just feeling a little lagging over the years and I heard to try and check to see if the cat is the problem. My truck is already loud is it is, how much louder and meaner will it sound if I do this?

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you would add a sparkplug non-fouler to the rear sensor only, basically it pulls the sensor out of the exhaust stream a little bit. you can pick these up at any auto parts store.

pulling the cat out though will lower your low end torque, but it should feel stronger up top. might not be the solution to your laggy feeling.
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If I replace the cat converter with just a pipe and not mess with sensors at all what will or can happen?
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Only a check engine light.
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Read about the sensors in the service manual and you will understand how they work. Using the non-fouler is IMO the best way to trick the PCM when doing this. Need two non-foulers, to stack together to isolate the rear sensor. Remove the rear O2s and screw a non-fouler into the bung. Take the second non-fouler and drill it out so the O2s can be screwed into it. Take the now modified non-fouler and screw it into the other non-fouler (stack). Then screw the O2s into the modified non-fouler and reconnect the wires. Or remove the rear O2s and wrap it with heavy tin foil leaving it electrically connected and safety wire it safely out of the way. This will some times throw a code for "slow to heat".
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4.56 gears and a good posi would take care of that lag problem. One of the best mods to my truck.
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