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Aftermarket cat converters and codes?

I looked in the forum and didnt find much.

My local Dodge dealer told me that my code reader was wrong(P0405) and that it was actually P0420..bad Bank 1 cat converter(after 12 mos and 6K miles).

Two mechanics have told me that aftermarket(mine is a Walker) systems just don't work with OBDII systems?

My OCD and I can learn to live with the check engine light(desensitivity training or something) if I have to but is this really a fact?

My cat system is under warranty but it would cost me the labor to get them swapped and one mechanic told me that unless OEM parts are used there is No guarantee that the problem won't recurr.

We have no emissions testing where i live, the truck gets 17-18 MPG at 60 with the cruise on and otherwise is now in pretty good shape thanks to the advice I have gotten on the forum.

I have read here about removing the rear sensor, tinfoil?, etc, plugging the O2 sensor holes, spark plug non foulers, etc... All or some of this to fool the computer I gather?

What has worked for you guys in the past besides a piece of blck tape over the CEL?

Thanks as always

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Well ok then a p0420 means the catt efficiency is down usually leading to a failed or plugged Catt down the road. If you have no testing near you and have a tuner that can be fixed for yah. Otherwise the code can also be caused by a slow oxygen sensor (unlikely). Basically if you want light out change the y pipe with a factory replacement or equivalent y pipe.
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Rich fuel mix for 3 K miles..

Until I got the Open loop bank 1 codes cured (with a second new O2 sensor) I probably had a rich fuel mixture for 2-3 K miles.

Problem is cured now as I said. Would this short period be enough to clog up the converter?If I thought that this was the cause of cat failure, I would be confident enough to install a new system..

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