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Just got off the phone with the head rebuilder - apparently the numbers do not designate passenger or driver side. There are different iterations of heads that the numbers refer to. I did receive two drivers side heads, because I looked solely at the numbers (believing that a DE was a driver side and a DD was a passenger side). Bought them off Ebay, but luckily I only live 30min from the guy so no shipping back and forth.

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Originally Posted by RecoilFreak View Post
I thought Eagle heads did not have an EGR port?
They don't, except for the weirdo 2009 Aspen/Durango hybrids:
There are two different casting numbers for the “Eagle” head as it’s known, but both heads are identical with an EGR pad on one end. The only reason there are two different casting numbers is to allow them to differentiate the right from the left on the assembly line when they drill the right head for EGR.
The casting number left bank head is 53021616DE and the right one is 53021616DD casting. They both have a pad for the EGR valve on one end, but that only matters if it’s for the early Aspen or Durango because they’re the only ones that need the two bolt holes and the exhaust passage drilled for EGR on the right head. Otherwise, the heads are interchangeable.
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The exhaust port bolt pattern shows the right or left bank head as well.
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From the I want the max power point of view, you need D shape port headers with Eagle heads, from the F--K it I need it to run you'll be fine, a little exhaust reversions not going to hurt low end, but up over 5500 it'll become a small issue, hotter exhaust temp issues. our Lonestar friend is 100% on the #s/EGR deal, there have been a few 5.7s that went out the door with the same casting #s because of supplier/production issues , I've bought 3 different 5.7 cores with two DE heads, you can drill the exhaust pattern to match ,..........ALL G3 heads are designed to receive either side of the engine machining ..... what makes them side specific is the pre-assembly machining, a competent machinist can drill the Oil drain back and the dual pattern exhaust manifold/header holes...........it's also why Edelbrock released their heads to be used on either side of the engine, one the Edy heads the corner oil drain backs are threaded so you can block it off , same can be done the the oem heads if one chooses to do so, the junk yard 5.7 in my 2014 has two DE heads on it, because that's what I had here at the time.
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