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I bought a Ebay CAI kit from chrome intakes. After about 10 days my truck ran rough so I took it off. Well tonight I went to find the PCV so I could see if it was dirty. I pulled the hemi hat off and it had oil inside and the throttle body had oil and what looked like chunks of grease in it. Well after I cleaned every thing and put it back together the truck runs good again. The CAI kit that I bought was one that left the hemi hat in place. Thats why the hat and throttle body were dirty. I checked inside the metal tube that came with the kit and it had oil in it also. Thats why im sure the oil was sucked out of the filter that came with the kit. Now the chunks of grease is what I dont understand. I am now going to stick with dry flow systems from now on. Lesson learned

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This is the reason I avoided the low price CAI's on ebay. Went with an AFe from the Hemi Truck Club and have never had a problem.
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Maybe I should check mine, I have the same one. But mine is running great with it.
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Ebay kits in my option are OK the filter elements suck but the aluminum and other parts seem to be built at an acceptable manner. Most ebay kits are copies of so called name brand models and perform in the same manner.
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thanks for the heads up. I have heard of alot of people getting kits on there cheap and some are good and some are bad.
I have been very happy with my AFE stage II..
the only reason I am replacing it is that the Mopar kit is smog legal and dealers can't really give you any hassles over it.

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I haven't had any problems with my ebay system. The filter is a cheapo, but it didn't have any oil on it and I didn't put any on it. Going to replace the filter soon anyway. I just cant justify spending 3x as much for a different system that is nothing but the same parts in a different box.
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