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Modifed OEM Air intake system

Hey guy's and informed ladies, I have a 1 month old 05 and love it. I am real intrested in the different intake systems. I love the look of the stock unit and just bought one off E-bay (cheap)and want to make some modifications that I have been thinkin about. After reading almost all of the post on the Cold Air Intake site there seemes to be a consenus of a few things about the stock system.
1. The filter box is very restrictive on intake flow.
2. The S curved corragated hose from the Filter box to the TBI Hat would make a good sewer pipe but offers nothing to help straighten out the air flow.
3. The TBI Hat is designed more to reduce intake noise than enhance the air flow.
Guy's let me know if your experience with this unit and the experiments you have tried prove this out. I'm a piping designer for a Hi-Flow Hi-tech Piping Contractor. I may be able to modify this system to greatly increase the flow and keep the stock look. (for those of us that like the stock look but want the extra HP)Please let me know what has worked and did not work for you.

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Modifed OEM Air intake system

You're correct on all counts. The stock intake system creates too much turbulence. Any type of 3" smooth-walled, mandrel-bent tubing will greatly improve airflow. You'll also need a filter with a large surface area to reduce resistance. You'd make a mint if you could reliably produce a dual intake system that extends down to and draws air from each side of the grille/bumper area (ram air effect).
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Modifed OEM Air intake system

Freeze is right... that would be sweet. It should also be made out of material that is good at reflecting/reducing outside heat.
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