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K&N 57 Series?

What are your opinions on the K&N CAI? I think the plastic one is rated at an hp or 2 over the chrome and I'm in the market for an intake but don't want to spend too too much. What do you guys think? I know the 3rd Strike and Ramhammer are excellent intakes and crowd favorites but again I'm a little budget-minded on this one. Thanks for any info

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K&N 57 Series?

The good thing about K&N almost every product fits perfectly and has all th evacume lines and sensors in the right spot. We dont really have to worry about that with aour trucks but some can have a ton. I cant figure out why one is rated at 2 more hp than the other and at differnt rpms, doesnt make since to me. But usually K&Ns are good quality. But I would think there would be a better intake out there for the same price as the K&N. I know I like my 3rd strike, makes a deep sucking noise. K&N always seem to be high pitched. A guy in a hemi floored it by me cause he herd my exhaust and realized I alos have a hemi I assume and I could here A higher pitched sucking noise from the hood and coul Immediatly tell it was a K&N, so I returned the favor and showed him what a hemi was suppose to sound like.
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K&N 57 Series?

Just my personal opinion K&N always reminds me of little rice burner cars. I just dont like them. but that is just my two cents.
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K&N 57 Series?

Well if you are on a budget then you'll find that the 3rd Strike intake costs less than both the K&N and Ramhammer. Duane makes some great stuff and has excellent customer service. IMO the 3rd Strike is the way to go
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K&N 57 Series?

The plastic one will not get as hot under the hood thus more hp.
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K&N 57 Series?

I have the 77. It does have a squealing noise when it's sucking in air.
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