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Well it looks like I have gone the wrong way with putting on a CAI. I wanted better fuel milage and thought that like the lder trucks just put a good CAI on and get say 100 Km's more out of your tank, well it doesn't seem to work that way on the HEMI. I lost 100 Km's a tank because of it, gained all kinds of getty up but less fuel. An Engineer tells me that they are trying to make up a restrictor plate for these trucks to save fuel. Does this make any sence to anyone???? Jeff

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they wont make business with most of us, our goal is to eliminate all potential restriction in the truck not add to them , i had "fuel efficient" vehicles before and i know this one will never be like them but the extra 20 or 30 bucks i spend per week are worth every penny for the plesure i have driving it
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If you want efficiency get a Honda, if you wanna go fast get a Hemi.
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Iceracer61, Have you put on a cat back system yet? When I first installed my long tube AFE, I wouldn't say I lost MPG but I didn't gain any either. Once I put the cat back on, I gained 1.5ish MPG. You have to get it breathing and expelling in the right combo to get the motor to operate more efficiently.
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