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AFE vs Ramhammer

I am trying to decide between the AFE and the Ramhammer. I'm pretty sure there is not a substansial difference in the power they each generate over stock. I can get the AFE at a huge discount through my buddy he is a dealer for them. Price is of no concern to me though. So with that aside if I go with the AFE the low mount one without the HemiHat, where does the filter end up? I have a 1950 Jeep Overland Willy's Pickup for the 4wheelin, so I don't have a concern about dirt. My question though; Will the JetStream scoop direct Air at the AFE low mont one's filter or not? If so I will go with it, but if not then I'll go with the Rammhammer. Anyone with the AFE low mount have the Jetstream Scoop? Any help I would sure appreciate it. Thanks

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AFE vs Ramhammer

I have both, and yes the Jet Stream scoop does route the air around the radiator and into the same area where the low mount puts the air filter. I am happy with the combination of the two for me, but I have had nothing else so can give no comparison to other products.
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AFE vs Ramhammer

The JetStream will direct air to both, the aFe takes advantage of it a little better being lower maybe a bit to low but the RamHammer will benefit from it as well. For the price of the JetStream and the direction of cooler air you can't go wrong as it's not really a Ram Air device and you won't be able to really take advantage of Ram Air unless you are going over two to three times the speed limit. I've had the aFe system before and can't say anything bad about it performed great.

PS: to align the aFe to align with the JetStream you can trim off about 2 inches or more off the end but I don't really think it will make a real difference as you are still picking up cooler air away from the engine bay.
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AFE vs Ramhammer

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AFE vs Ramhammer

I have the low AFE on my 3.7 2007 dodge 1500 and it has performed great.... But i will be adding the Ramhammer on my 08 hemi. Good luch with your choice
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AFE vs Ramhammer

Ramhammer all the way.
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