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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

I was doing some research on the different supercharger kits for the Hemi Rams.... ran across the Kenne Bell site and saw this message.

"UPDATE: Kenne Bell will not offer a supercharger kit for the '03 Hemi. In our opinion, the '03 ECM prohibits the use of any supercharger kit - at least to Kenne Bell standards. We are, however, working hard on the '04 Hemi trucks. If we are successful, then we will look at the Magnum, Durango and the 300."

I am curious if others have had problems putting a Supercharger or Turbos on the 03 Hemi engines or not? I want to make sure I dont buy a truck that will not work as well with a S/C as this is my immediate goal for the truck.

Thanks for your time!

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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

Jack I'm sure the pressure cooker guys will find this soon, and help answer some of your questions.

Some have been succesful, others have not with turbos and supercharging.

Open your wallet when you do, seems to be the rule of thumb. Big gains,but lots of tuning issues.

The STS turbo seems to do a little better for the do it yourselfer.

And good luck on your search.

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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

Actually most the turbo owners seem to be 2003 guys, and have been tuned with great success. I am not sure what 'issues' KB ran into with their tuner, but STS guys are using the SMT6 with larger injectors and many GS supercharger guys are switching over as well. Its alot of DIY so make sure you are capable b4 you take it on.
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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

The 2003 trucks have 10 psi less fuel pressure. That "lack of fueling" left a lot of tuners going the other direction. Put in an '04+ fuel pump to get your pressure up.
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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

So then it is not an issue at all. Pretty easy fix.

I was noticing your signature, have you posted your torque curve numbers? do you find the turbo leaving your torque numbers on a steep curve or more level through the entire RPM range?
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2003 Hemi S/C issues?

Biggest issue I've had with my truck is getting the tune dialed in just where I want it...other than that it'z alot of fun
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