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What Color?

Poll Question:
I wanted to get your opinion on what color I should have my 70 Superbird sprayed. Here are the some of the stock colors I like. Thanx for the help! Choices:
Vitamin C
Ice Blue Metallic
Lime Light
Lemon Twist


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What Color?

I am not sure how those colors look?!
Colors aren't always like they sound...LOL
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What Color?

What... no Hemi Orange???
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What Color?

Isn't that like Vitamin C?
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What Color?

I like the Ice Blue
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What Color?

Years ago I had a friend with a Superbird (or was it a Superbee?). 440 6 pack I think (not a hemi). The giant wing in the back was actually functional, he could adjust it for racing. (was that OEM?) The car was a hideous green color, but no one cared, because it was just SO COOL. Come to think of it, I don't recall him ever driving it. He would just polish it, over and over.
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What Color?

I voted vitamin c hope that is orange....if I ever repaint the hemi bye bye red c'mon orange.
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What Color?

myhem1 - I voted for vitamin C , but I would highly recommend running the VIN numbers to find out the original paint code and go with that color, it will help you retain the value of your car. Just my .02 good luck. DR845
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What Color?

*** DISCLAIMER - I am about to stick my nose in and get real bossy and rude but no offense is meant - can't help myself ***

To answer your question it depends on whether or not this is a real SuperBird or a fake?

#1 - If this is a real 1970 Superbird then you only have ONE option, IMO, and that is the color that came on it from the factory. If you are unsure on that let me know and I will help you research it.

You will lose a lot of value on the vehicle if you paint it any color but the original one. The SB's are very valuable muscle cars when restored properly and as they made so few it is a crime to modify them. I mean no offense by this but PLEASE do not do anything to that car but restore it to original if it is a real SB.

The original colors offered were( I can provide paint codes for you if needed )...

Alpine White
Blue Fire Metalic
Corporation( Petty )Blue
Lemon Twist Yellow
Limelight Green
Tor Red
Vitamin C Orange

The rarest color used was the Corporation( Petty )Blue. If your SB came that color you absolutely want to use it again. Only approx 5% of SB's came in that color. If yours has that color it is really a rare bird. They all are actually as you are talking fewer than 300 vehicles made in each paint color. There were fewer than 40 painted Petty Blue.

Chrylser Corporation made fewer than 2000 SB's total. Actual figures range from as few as 1920 to the "official" Chrysler # of 1935 SB's. So, doing anything to it but a full resto is just wrong. Has me cringing

#2 - if this is a mock though then use any color you want. I like the Blue Fire Metailc myself. I would also say to check out Plum Crazy Purple if it is a fake. Saw a fake Daytona done PC and it was wild.

No offense meant by this either as stated. I would never dream of telling someone what to do with their property but we are talking one of the rarest and most valubale muscle cars in MOPAR's history. That car deserves to be kept stock IMO. If it was one of the countless base muscle cars made then it is no big deal to modify it up to your own taste. Doing it to such a rare and vauable car though is a big no no.

How about a photo? The SB's and Daytona's, but especially the SB's, are a passion of mine. Love Road Runners too. Actually, if it was a MOPAR I love it! This message has been edited. Last edited by: NHHEMI, document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:03:35 GMT-0700', '21 April 2005 06:03 PM')+''); 21 April 2005 06:03 PM
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What Color?

I got the 70 Superbird along with a fully restored 69 Charger R/T from my uncle who pasted away two months ago. He used to restore muscle cars for a living and kept alot of them for himself. My brother should have gotten the Superbird but he doesn't like old mopar's so he took the 81 Z28 Camaro instead. Thought you guys might like to know how I got the car.
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