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Has anyone in here tried to use any of the roll on bed liners? On my 04 I had a spray in liner and had huge chunks just peel off. I know that surface prep has alot to do with that and maybe they did a poor job prepping it. So instead of paying someone nearly $500 to do a half a#@ job again I might try doing it myself. I run a pool company on my days off from the fire station so about the only stuff I carry in there are chemicals and small parts, so I have a bed mat in there for now. I would just like the added look and protection from a liner.

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I have not used one myself, but have heard several horror stories from friends.

You may want to contact BigBlock, he is a Line-X Dealer in Ft.Worth. He did mine and they did a great job on it.
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I did my bed with the Herculiner kit and have not had any problems for the two years that I have had it done. I used my truck to deliver finished metal parts from my job without any damage to the liner. Like you stated good prep is key to proper adhesion.
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Keep in mind that the "drugstore" bedliner products like Herculiner, Durabak, and Duplicolor do not have the durability of the professional products. That being said, that doesn't mean Herculiner is not for you.

The trick to the do-it-yourself bedliners is surface preparation. If you do it correctly, the product will last a lot longer. Read the directions and do EXACTLY what they tell you to do. You should know that Herculiner is 72% solids and 28% solvents (that evaporate away). So, if you apply one gallon of Herculiner, you only really end up with about 3/4 of a gallon of actual product. (LINE-X applies 4.0 to 4.5 gallons of 100% solids (no solvents).)
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Thanks for the input. I wasn't too sure in the difference's between the products. I figured that the spray in was definitely thicker. Last time I had a Toff Liner(I think thats how its spelled) and was just so unhappy with the results. Now that I have done some research I have found out that that particular brand has had alot of problems. I havent heard of a LINE-X dealer hear in Tyler, but surely there has to be one. I just want what I pay for. A good liner for a good price. The dealers here in Tyler, especially the Rhino Liner guys, are pretty high. They Quoted me $475 for under the rail. That just seems so high.
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I prepped my bed on my 02 Ram really well and applied Herculiner to it. It looked good for a couple months. Then it started to fade out and look like poo. Little bite would flake off here and there.

Plus if I tossed something heavy in there, or dragged anything rough across the surface, it would scrape a little off. But really it just started to look like crap. lol The best thing about it was that I bought it on sale super cheap and got a rebate on top of that. Then the real kicker was when I traded that truck in for my Hemi. They appraised my truck and gave me a $250 bonus credit, for a "spray In Liner".

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quote: They Quoted me $475 for under the rail
here in charleston the quote was 450 so that is about right. i am going to get mine done by line-x.
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Old 03-08-2008, 03:11 PM   #8
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I've used the Durabak on the tub of my Jeep and it came out real nice. I plan on getting more of it to do my Blazer when I get ready.
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I used hurculiner on my bed 2 years ago and it is still good today. I throw all sorts of stuff in the back and not one problem. I did scratch the tailgate. I grabbed the can, an old paint brush and in about 10 minutes it looked good as new.
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