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"Easy" lift

Wasn't too easy for me. The holes exactly line up with the template. But after 2 hrs of wrestling with the tail gate all I ended up with is 2 holes in the truck.

And the hole in the tail gate is bent with the paint cracking off from the pressure of trying to get the tailgate to line up on the correct bend in the lift rod while also lining up with the pivot post.

I finally gave up. I consider myself pretty mechanical and I hate to loose to a stupid peice of metal, but I had to walk away.

My wife was my assistant moving the tailgate around and I think it was a little hard for her.

So I have given up.

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"Easy" lift

Yes, it can be a b*tch. I had a friend help me and it took us 20 minutes. At one point the tailgate was almost vertical.
I also have some paint touch up to do. If you bring it to the rally I am SURE we can get it installed.
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"Easy" lift

I've put 5 of them on, and none of them has been easy. Bring it to the Rally we'll get it on for you.
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"Easy" lift

Be sure and silicone the holes where they go into the metal to prevent rust. I did so and have no problem with rust.
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"Easy" lift

I got the holes drilled and called a friend and asked if he had 5 minutes to spare...it was a very long five minutes. Yup, it's a bitch but doable.
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