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2007 Tail light swap

Does anyone know if it is possible to swap out the 2007 tail lights with the 02-06's? I hate the look of the new tail lights. It just doesn't go well with the curvature of the truck bed.


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2007 Tail light swap


How did you get the 2004 tail lights installed on your truck? I hate my 07 tail lights but have been told that you have to do an extensive amount of re-wiring and the brackets are different, etc.


Well,the taillights themselves are pretty much a drop-in replacement fit-wise. The only difference there is the screw-in metal pegs that you have to transfer from the '07 lights to the pre-'07 ones. Easy. Wiring is more of an issue. The '07 lights (lenses) have holes in the back where each bulb socket screws in directly. Earlier model lenses (like my '04's) have a separate assembly that the bulbs plug into,then that "socket board" attaches to the back of the tailight. But it doesn't end there. The back of each socket board has a very unique male plug molded into the plastic,and your '07 harness does not plug in. So you have to buy a pigtail kit available from Dodge that wires into your harness,then plug in the lights.

The hardest thing that you have to figure out is which pin on the back of the socket board corresponds to which contact on each bulb socket. I spent hours. Never did get it exactly right,because when I activate a blinker,the wrong bulb blinks. But they all work,so I don't care,really.

If you like,and are ready to tear into this,I can get you some part numbers and hopefully maybe even find my homemade pinout diagram for the socket boards. I can say that you will have about $20-25 for each socket board,maybe $35-75 for good original lenses,I think $40 for the Dodge harness,and a few bucks for extra 3057 (3157?) bulbs.
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