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Tire size?

Hey Koby!

Here's a copy of my post I made back in Sept when I got my new wheels and tires:

[b]I just put a set of new tires and rims on my truck:



American Racing (Burn Series) 20 x 8.5

[url=http://www.americanracing.com/browse_ar_blackburn.asp[/img]American Racing Website
(click on the chrome wheel and then click on the wheel again for a larger view)


Yokohama Parada Spec-X 305/50 x 20 (they're rated to 140 MPH)

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Tire size?

nice pic!
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Tire size?

Here is what I just ordered for $145.00 each installed!
Size: 305/50VR20 - Cooper Zeon XST - Sport Truck All-Season

The Cooper Zeon XST tread compound is specifically engineered to optimize all-around tire performance. Capitalizing on technology from our all-weather performance lines, this compound's unique polymer system provides solid wet and dry traction and allows ample snow capability. The cooper zeon xst has a Spiral wound nylon overwrap which combats centrifugal force under high-speed applications. This ability inhibits tire growth and maintains stability and carcass integrity across the entire speed range of the tire. A varied number of shoulder elements reduces noise frequency for a quieter ride. The cooper zeon xst tires are M+S Rated sport truck all season tires.

Treadwear - 420
Traction - A
Temperature - A
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Tire size?

Well the tire place screwed me! (Mavis Tire in Newburg NY - NY Tire Chain store) I made the appointment for today at 8am and told them I need to be out by 11am due to another obligation. I got there at 8Am and the place had cars in the bays (not a good sign) and then had to wait in a line of people inside. At about 5 to 10 after 8 I tell th guys I'm here for am 8am appt. for 4 tires and he said I have 2 showing can I leave the truck? I say no! He goes out to check the order and said OK but it will take a few hrs to do the job and be a few hrs before we get you in. I said I had an appt. and he replied we don't haver appointments.
I took off out of there and left a few tire marks in their lot (after all the tires aon the back are bald) and stopped by the local tire place and ordered 4 FALKEN Ziex STZ 04 - Light Truck All-Season tires for $155 installed!
Treadwear - 460
Traction - A
Temperature - B This message has been edited. Last edited by: koby, document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Fri, 21 Mar 2008 06:46:12 GMT-0700', '21 March 2008 09:46 AM')+''); 21 March 2008 09:46 AM
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Tire size?

that sux, go show the 1st place your new shoes... those look good to!
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