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screw in tire!!

picked up a damn screw in one of my rear tires today. thank god i was able to plug it. i have the 20" wheels and didnt want to have to shell out $$$ for new baloneys just yet.

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screw in tire!!

damn that sucks!
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screw in tire!!

I used to work for Wal-Mart in the TLE department and I fixed many, many tires while employed there. I saw everything from nails, screws, rocks, bone fragments (avoid running over animals that have already been ran over) and even a paper clip. The best though was a guy came in and needed a new tire. The woman working the counter wrote up the order as a flat repair because it was one of our tires and we would pro-rate it out. When I took the tire off the rim there was a steel bar inside measuring roughly 18 inches long, 2 inches wide and nearly 1/4 thick. That my friend will destroy a tire! (the rim had some scratches but it was ok)
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screw in tire!!

I always carry a plug kit and a small compressor in my truck! More than a few times I have fixed a tire right there on the spot.
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screw in tire!!

we carry plug kits at work i clean parking lots.i had only to that couldnt be pluged though(can of fixs a flat threw sidewall and a slinkyriped off the valve stem go figure)
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