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Problem with Discount Tire

Okay, swapped out the back wheels/tires for the 20" spares and guess what, it runs smoothly, looked at the front 2 wheels and the inner and outer lip have weights that balance each other out, the rear wheels only had the weights on the outer lip???? So this will be the 4th trip to discount tire, but I do not trust them anymore...

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Problem with Discount Tire

I work at firestone and balancing wheels with tape weights is a pain in the butt. Make sure that they are balancing the inside and outside of the wheel and not just static balancing them. Also make sure they are cleaning off the part of the wheel where they are placeing the they dont fall off. If the wheel is calling for a lot of weight, the wheels may not be round or the tires may be twisted...the bead did not seat correctly on the wheel. Have them break the tire down and rotate the tire 180 degrees at the point where the valve stem is and use a lot of tire lube. If that does not solve the problem, something may be wrong with your wheels, if anything keep the unbalanced wheels in the back, it'll vibrate less. hope this helps
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Problem with Discount Tire

Just looking for some input, since it sounds like a few here seem to know a good bit about tires. I just bought some Yokohama geolander H/T-S G052's, I've read in other forums, dodgetalk, that the wider tires, 305-50-20 (mine), when sitting over night, or a couple of days, they will tend to "flat spot" but once they are driven a couple of miles they will return to "normal"? Tires are great looking tires, just a little worried about the intial take off on these after sitting for awhile. A little shakey, not bad, bud noticeable then they smooth out and you dont feel it again. Any input/clarification is appreciated.


Here is a pic of the tires. Sorry from camera phone.

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Problem with Discount Tire

Welcome to Hemi05 - we're glad you found us! I was running 285/50/20 rubber on my '03... I also had the noticeable "flat spot" for 1-3 miles until they warmed up. I don't think it is anything to worry about, but we should have a couple of experts in here shortly to offer their input.
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Problem with Discount Tire

Thanks MrHemi for the input! I dont think its much of a problem either. Just looking for input from others, like you, that might have noticed the same thing. My wifes 06 Grand Prix GXP does the same thing. It took me by surprise at first with the way it felt, but now knowing more about it and reading about others, like you, it makes me a little more comfortable. Also, hopefully someone can add input also on what the "recommended" tire pressure would be to run these tire?

Again thanks MrHemi!
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