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Pics of those 18's

My truck is a 2006 sport 4x4. Just curious, what do you mean by better driveability with the 33's? One reason I thought about going with the 33's is due to gas mileage. I would think the 35's would really hammer my mpg. Am I right to think that? I have stock 33's, so how much difference could I expect bumping up to 35? I tow a boat and do a lot of highway driving and have no plans on changing gears from my 3.92's. Anyone know how much 325's on an 18x9 rim with a -12offset(4.5" backspace might stick outside the wheel well?

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Pics of those 18's

Gottahemi- Do you have any pics you can post to show how much your 325's stick out to the side? From the front of the truck or looking down the side. I saw an f-150 today with the same tire wheel package I am looking at. His stood out too far outside the wheel well. I am hoping they tuck in a little more on the Dodge.I like them to stand out a little, but I don't like it if they stand out too much to the side.
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Pics of those 18's

quote:Originally posted by dubs04hemi:
well i have 325/60/20's on the stock 20's, which is a 35" tire. Heres a pic so you can see how the 35's fit. I have no rubbing with the stock rims, but with a different offset Im sure you will rub (I have about half an inch from rubbing).

i do think they look slightly stuffed because of my running boards and fender flares, but the boards are coming off SOON!
I think that looks pretty good actually... they look nice and tucked in there. Maybe not perfect for a 4x4 look, but an upgrade from stock for sure! Bit of a lift would help with the 4x4 I'm sure. Nice either way! Running boards or not.
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Pics of those 18's

here is a pic of mine, stock suspension on 325x60R18 nitto's, 18x10 wheels. i forget the backspacing but i had just a little rubbage when turning really sharp on the lower plastic valance but trimmed the inside with a knife and now all is well
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Pics of those 18's

Hey Fireram, Here is a pic of my truck looking down the side. This pict was taken right beofre I added the body lift.
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