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Pics of new setup

looks great heath!!!

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Pics of new setup

nice deep shine Heath
which wax are you using
nice mod on the wheels..
did you get drop spindles yet, or did you cut some more off the coils?
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Pics of new setup

Looks good Heath, I hope Michael see's this and realizes it looks good with a drop. You need to paint the lip of the rim black and get rid of the chrome ring
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Pics of new setup

truck looks really great!
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Pics of new setup

Very Nice
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Pics of new setup

Looking sharp Heath,
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Pics of new setup

Looks sharp!
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Pics of new setup

Really came out well

I think the black rims with the tires being black you don't dwell on the size aspect as you would with chrome
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Pics of new setup

Looks great! Can't tell the backs are smaller, speacialy with the front lower. Great job on the paint ( wheels and truck ).
Too bad that truck is so slow! jk.....
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Pics of new setup

Thanks everyone

To answer a few questions, the rear tires are wider and taller than the fronts. 30" tall in the rear and 29" in the front. I was really wanting to use spindles, but they are just out of my price range, so I just cut some more off of my coils. I also had to replace the front bumpstops, because the control arm was resting on them, I also cut about 1/2" off of the rear bumpstops. I'm using adams name brand products for paint care, it's not as good as zaino, but it's alot cheaper. And for painting the wheels, I just went to a local body shop and bought some paint off of them, I couldn't justify buying 200 bucks worth of paint for just one set of wheels. So the guy sold me enough primer, base coat, and clear coat for 60 bucks. It's all House of Kolor paint. Two coats of primer, two coats of black, and three coats of clear. Also I wasn't able to go get any better pics the other day, because it was too sunny. I need to wait for a overcast day before I drive a hour and a half for a few pictures.
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