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Retired BOD - Doug
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Since there isn't much being posted it's like loosing a best friend.
How is everyone doing? We finally got a little rain (.39) last Friday so things have greened up a little. Enough for me to spend the day mowing. Tomorrow I get to do the yard...woopie! The weather cooled off for most of last week. Instead of being 106 it was in the 80's except for a couple of days it was 78. I loved it.
Talked to Morris a couple of times and he traded trucks again. Haven't seen it yet but it's a Limited Edition Laramie, Crew cab 4X4. De-badged from the factory, some shade of gray. Guess I'll have to go up there to see it and take some pictures.
Last week my sister had cancer surgery to remove her left breast. They say they got it all and she's in great spirits. The kids came down Sunday and we got to play with the grand baby for a while. Man she's growing.
Tried to call Nathan and see how he's doing. Wondering why he's selling his truck. Hope it isn't another health issue. Didn't get a returned call. I'll have to try again.

Almost forgot...talked to George (D500) Sunday evening but that's a regular call around 6Pm on Sunday. He and Kay are doing fine. He's having a ball trading guns. Everytime I talk to him he's bought and sold a few more. He loves it and is a damn good shot. With both hands. He sent me a video with him shooting 2 9MM (I think) at the same time and popping the targets. I never was worth a flip shooting left handed....much less both at once.

Anyway, some of you chime in and let us know your still among the living and how things are going. Take care..we're a dying breed it looks like.


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Doug, you said a mouth full. I was on earlier today and now a few hours late, there has only been a handful of new posts since I was on then. I hope it's just that everyone is busy working and that we are not losing folks wholesale.

Never got a message but I was out of town last week. All is well, no major problems. Was just thinking I would like to have something that would fit in my garage. My truck is about 7 inches too long. Have not had much interest so I will probably just keep it.

I had thought that if I could sell it and get a regular cab I would do that but, I really do not look forward to starting over.

I guess I will keep this one until the cows come home.

I hope all is well with everyone and that Doug's sister is recovering rapidly. My prayer will be with you all.
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Retired BOD - Doug
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Thanks for the post Nathan. Tried your cell and home phone again and didn't get you so I'm glad to hear that everything is alright. I know what your saying about the garage. I have 1.5" of clearance on each side going into the garage door. It's tight both ways.

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Doug, I've been really busy lately. We have been doing OK, I will be starting a new job on 9/10. It's a little drive for me but a substantial difference in income. I'm almost thinking of selling my truck and getting something better on gas. I really hate to, love the old Daytona but it may come to that. My Mustang doesn't do much better than the Daytona. I'll have to see what happens, I may relocate to Orangeburg SC. but that brings a hole different set of problems.
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Howdy Doug,,,not much going on here in Alabama the Beautiful. School started back this week,which has kept me busy,bought a house to flip,that to is keeping me busy in the afternoons. As to well being,the weather is wonderful,our health is great,we are very blessed. Hope your sister is getting stronger after the surgey,praying for you and the family. Concerning Morris and the new truck,,I love the Limited it is one nice truck. I found one that I wanted and the dealer called to get the details and as they talked another salesman sold the truck,that is why I have a Sport,they both come with the same package except the de-badging. As you can see I have been around kids all week and have a lot of rambling talk bottled up inside me,,thanks for allowing me the opportunity to talk.
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All is well here. And it is a lot cooler than it was. Maybe I can get some of my outside projects finished. Not much is happening in my neck of the woods, but that is ok.

I'm planning to attend the ADRL event in Memphis September 7-8. I've never been to an ADRL event but I can tell you that they run the baddest doorslammers on the planet. I'll get pics and videos to share.

Morris trades trucks more than anyone I know. But I'm sure he got a nice one.

And Doug, y'all are in my prayers. I hope things are smoothing out. I know you had fun with the grand baby.
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it's hot and dry here in Baghdad, starting to cool off though. Won't say I've been busy like the rest of you, I'm surfing the forum 6-8 hours a day.
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Little hectic here... have our niece and her two boys (ages 2 & 4) here at the house this week. Wish I had 1/16th of their energy
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Doing good here in Alabama. Been busy coaching Rachel's soccer team. And taking care of Nicole,her back has been out for a couple months now.
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We're good here. Still working nine -and ten -hour days so I hand off a "clean" job to my boss. Dang, I'm gonna miss this job! I get to play with computers all day and talk to purty women.

My "move" date has been moved up a day, so I start Friday, not Monday. At least the raise will show up sooner.

For the first time in maybe fifteen years, we have a rain surplus! We're back in the typical Tallahassee summer: afternoon showers that last twenty minutes or so, wait 'bout forty minutes and do it all over! Also looks like Hurricane Isaac will be paying us a direct-hit visit Tuesday afternoon. Time will tell. Many of the models are putting us in the cross-hairs - landfall near St. Marks and passing between Tallahassee and Monticello. That puts it practically right over us like Frances in '05.

The Ram's doing fine, the Mazda needs tires. $900 or so. The Camry's set for a while: new timing belt, water pump, hoses, coolant and tires. The 300C just did the round trip to New York without a whimper (20mpg)

We just switched to eSurance for our auto coverage. Traveler's wanted to raise our rates, so we started shopping. eSurance came in even less than we were paying already. Sure costs a chunk to cover five vehicles!!
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