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***bridgestone tire rebate notice!!!***

I will post this on the tire forum as well but wanted to put it here as this is the most active board here at HTC it seems. Want the most # of folks to see it as possible.

If you need tires now( like Mr Hemi with all his burn outs and smoke runs ), or will at some point here within a few months, get yourself on out to a Bridgestone tire dealer or go to an online retailer like "Tirerack.Com". They are offering a very good rebate right now on a lot of tire models.

Rebates are ranging from $100-$25 p/set of 4 depending on which ones you buy. I will list the various truck tires they are offering a rebate on. They are also offering rebates on car tires so if you need those you can get money back there too. Those rebates are also $100-$25 depending on model. I will just list the truck models though here( ask me if you want to know the car tire models )...

$100 - Dueler HP
$75 - Dueler HL Alenza & AT Revo
$50 - Dueler AT
$25 - Dueler MT & Dueler HT

I picked up a set of P265/70R17 Dueler AT Revo's 2 days ago and just found out the rebate is going on. Funny but I picked them up because one of my secret informants let me know that tire prices from Bridgestone are going up here soon. I had no idea there was a rebate going on.

I wanted to get the tires before the prices went up even though they aren't going on until this fall( going to get some more miles from the stock 245 Michelins ). So, this AM I went back to the store and the guy found the form finally for me. Many places don't even know about it so you have to ask. The rebate is only running from April 7-May 7, 2005.

So, if you need tires now is the time to buy! The $75 I will get back means I basically am getting the road hazzard coverage I purchased for 96 cents. Cost me $75.96 for the 4 tires.

Just wanted to let you all know. Also, you HAVE to get the rebate form from the place you buy the tires. No copies or internet downloads are being accepted.

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***bridgestone tire rebate notice!!!***

Thanks for the info NH!
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