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Brickyard 400

Man what a boring race. How many competition yellows were there?

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Brickyard 400

way to many if you ask me. should have let the teams deal with it.
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Brickyard 400

Yes, but at least Nascar made it SAFE for all RACERS. Like I heard 1 of the commentators say; Its like a series of 15 lap heat races.
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Brickyard 400

This is a rant I let loose with on another site and is in reponse to some comments that were made.

NASCAR should be ashamed? OK, what would you have them do different? Every driver ever crew chief that was interviewed on Saturday said that the track would rubber up when they started racing. EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT IS WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.

I thought NASCAR handled it the best they could for what they had to deal with. I guess there are just some fans that would have felt better about things if NASCAR would have let the teams manage the tires them self and this morning instead of talking about what a bad race it was(and it was) we were talking about NASCAR letting them race and ended up having 3 or 4 drivers in the hospital. I guess for some fans that's OK unless it's your driver.

Here is the part of the story that no one is talking about. 3 teams tested for GY on this track. The 88, 84 and I forget the third. At the end of the test all three teams said they prefered a grippier tire to a harder tire. What driver wouldn't say that. Of course we all know the harder tire would have lasted longer. Now given what GY has already been through with Tony Stewart this year, think about something for a second before you blow a gasket. If GY would have came back with the harder tire with less grip and the 88 ended up in the wall, what do you think JR would have done on National TV to GY? Of course since it would have been Jr instead of Stewart, the world would have gumbled on top of GY.

So if we need to assign blame anywhere, I feel it needs to go directly on GY for not having the testies to bring a tire that hold up better.

I also think there is something else with this tire that hasn't been mentioned. I've been around this sport for the last 30 something years. I have never seen a tire blow as violently as these tire did. Kenseths C post was blown completely out of the car. Is there something in that compound that caused that?

No I didn't like the 10 lap shoot outs but I commend NASCAR for putting driver safety first. If they had left it up to the teams, someone would have gotten hurt. For those of you that will never go to another NASCAR race, THANK YOU!! I might be able to get better seats.

The truth is, no matter what NASCAR would have done, it would not have worked out. NASCAR had no way of knowing the track would not rubber up just as it had done for the last 15 years. If they would have gone to the Pocono tire after they realized the track wasn't taking rubber, crews would have spent the rest of the race adjusting the car to the new set of tires and most likely we would have ended up with the same result. Basically a 10 lap shoot out with a couple cars that found the magic setup. Who's to say the Pocono tire wouldn't have blown as well? I'm guessing it was softer than the Indy tire. Why wouldn't it have been. Smoother surface at Nono.

There is still more to this story. GY lied about the compound. It obviously was not the same as last years based on the dust instead of the rubber build up. GY wants to blame the COT. Come on, 3500 pounds is 3500 pounds. They used to take old tires under some weight and drag them around the track to put rubber on.

I'm sticking by the fact based on what GY published, everyone thought the track would rubber up. If not, crews would have ran a softer spring in the right rear to hel pprevent the tire wear. A little softer spring would not have got them 20 more laps but it might have gotten them 4 or 5.

The only thing NASCAR could have done is cancell the race all together or reschedule to give GY time to make a new tire. Then we would have had 200K really mad fans that drove all that way for nothing.

No win situation for NASCAR.
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Brickyard 400

look for a better race net week and i hope kasey brings the same car and puts the rest of the boys to shame again in pocono.and the 19 is right behide them.
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