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What's the difference in coils vs. spindles?

I got an '04 SBRC and I'm looking into getting a 2/4 drop, but there's like a $200 difference (Mcgauphys) in the 2 different kits...

Why are the spindles so much more? And which ones are better on our trucks?

Is it a difference in year models, cause it says 02-08 for the spindles and only 02-05 for the coils...

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What's the difference in coils vs. spindles?

spindles give you a better ride,you have almost zero alignment issues,and,(if you don't want to)-there is no need for replacement shocks. It is a little more labor intensive to swap out your spindles,and,you can see there is a price difference. if you just want your truck lowered,springs are the cheapest way(and easier labor-wise). the only issues with springs are,you should get shorter shocks,you will need to get a camber kit and you would have to hack off your factory bump-stop for extra a-arm to frame clearance. on the issue of the springs for 02-05 and not for 06-08,I believe the later model trucks have a different suspension design where an earlier coil won't work.
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What's the difference in coils vs. spindles?

That's exactly what I need to know! Thanks for the great info!

I'd rather pay more and get it done right than pay less and have crappy stuff in my truck.

I'm going to eventually replace almost all the stock components (drivetrain, brakes, most of the motor internals, tranny, suspension, ect.) anyways, so I might as well do it right the first time!

It's already going to be expensive enough as it is! No need paying to get stuff done twice!
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