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Installed Bilstein 5125's

This was my first shock install. I consider myself a decent mechanic but have never messed with suspension stuff till now...

I'll say it wasn't too bad... or to much fun either...

I couldn't find a way to completely unload the front shocks... even with the tires off the ground their still was some pressure on the shocks and it kinda scares you when they let go....

If you unbolt the bottom bolt first then the bolts are tough to get out and I actually damaged a bolt and had to find one...

If you unbolt the top first then get ready for the sudden release... POW!

Luckily I found an identical bolt and all was well.... GRADE 8 to...

The new front shocks install easily and I torqued the top nuts to 20 ft lbs and the bottom bolts to 60 ft lbs. I also reused the factory bushings... they looked good and I was told to reuse them....

You want to loosely bolt in the top of the front shocks and then compress them to get the bottom bolt in.. That first compression is tough....

The rear was pretty easy..... MAKE SURE you have the proper jack, etc to get the back tire off the ground and fully unload the leaf spring....

You also want to bolt in the top of the rear shock first and then use a 2nd jack to lift the rear axle to the shock. Make sure the 2nd jack can lift high enough as well.... The factory scissor jack can't do it... without some uhhh assistance.... not recommended!

With the right equipment the rear is easy....

As for the results.... The ride is EXCELLENT.. The harsh ride after the T-Bar crank is gone...

The truck rides better than stock with the cranked T bars,Bilsteins and my new Toyo 35's.....

A++++ for the Bilsteins!!!

BTW... I paid a local shop $12 to press the sleeves into the bushings.... best $12 I ever spent...

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Installed Bilstein 5125's

Good info Ken!
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Installed Bilstein 5125's

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Installed Bilstein 5125's

quote:BTW... I paid a local shop $12 to press the sleeves into the bushings.... best $12 I ever spent...
Wish I had thought of that. It was a PITA!

Glad you like the Bilsteins.
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