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drop and squeak

So I just put on my lowering shackles looks pretty good but it needs to go a lil further. Ill get to that in a sec. Anyways when I hit bumps it makes like a squeaking and a popping noise sounds aweful. I dry fitted my parts while the load was off the rear and waited to tighten the four bolts when I got it back on the ground. I didnt use any kind of grease on the bushings either. Does anyone know the cause of this noise and maybe how to fix it?

Second question. I want to go down a little more and ive read forums about taking off the over load leaf or just the middle leaf. I know takin off the over load will cut back my carring cap. a lil bit. Whats the draw back to taking out just another leaf besides the over load? And if that is better y would anyone want to take off the overload?

Thanks for yalls time. Hopefully with yalls help I can tackle these two issues and get her sittin right.

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drop and squeak

What kind of shackles did you get? They could be installed backwards. If they are DJM, that is a normal condition. Any pics?
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drop and squeak

on all accounts.... i had to take off my DJMs because of the relentless squeaking. Went with belltech.
spring clamps will get you down another 1/2" with 1 set, almost 1 full inch with 2 sets, but will stiffen up your ride a lot though. Seeing your a QC, i can not recommend removing a leaf spring.. not saying it hasnt been done
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drop and squeak

I would take off the shackles and just do a flip kit and that will get you sitting where you want.
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drop and squeak

I put my lower bolts in backwards the first time I installed my shackles and I had a really bad squeak. So I removed the shackles, installed the bolts right, left them kinda loose and jumped up and down on my bumper a couple of times before I tightened them fully to make sure that everything was set where it wanted to be, before I torqed them. Worked like a champ. I did use the silicone lube that came with the shackles on anything I thought would rub. Result was a level and much quieter ride.
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