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First dodge and Completely lost HELP

I just got a 04 Ram 1500 SLT 5.7L Hemi that my dad had. Well this may be a bit long but I'm at a total loss and not a mechanic by any means. The problem first occurred when my mom was driving down the road and said she though she had a flat. Go.out checked tires all ok but as she went to drive the truck acted like it had a flat in her words. Well the truck is running extremely rough. When you first start it the idle is horrible and won't stay running unless you put your foot into the fuel pedal and give it gas. So my dad had a mechanic come out and he replaced the EGR,PLUGS,WIRES,IGNITION COILS,MULTIPLE SENSORS (Not sure which ones at this time but I know 1 O2 sensor for sure) at that point the truck is still running very rough, won't idle like formentioned, will stall at stop lights etc so I took over truck and was told to replace Throttle body and would be "good to go" WELL replaced TB and pcv valve and guess what NOT go to go lol still the same rough running truck. So I happen to read a post about when the EGR is replaced to have the PCM flashed which I just had done today....well it does idle alittle better but still won't idle by itself and still runs rough. The shop that flashed the pcm said I might have a possible compression issue but couldn't check bc they were busy and need to bring the truck back when they can fit me in. First I wanna thank you so much if you have read this far I'm truly at my wits end and have no idea what to do next. Any help or info is greatly appreciated

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you start building your tool box. If you sorely relay on hired mechanics it can get expensive pretty fast. Is there any chance you have the old O2s and spark plugs? If nothing changed when the O2s was changed then I would put it back in. As for the spark plugs it would be interesting to see if any particular cylinder looked different than the others. Disconnecting the battery for few minutes is a cold boot and sometimes helps when the pcm gets off track. Are you getting any DTC's? This will help point out where to look. Can you perform a compression check? This will identify an odd cylinder? And then theres the possibility of a broken valve spring. Until the valve train is checked I wouldnt run the engine. If the valve drops itll trash that cylinder. If there are no clues to point toward a specific cylinder, then I would check #6 cylinder first as they for some unknown reason often is the culprit. Post pictures of what you find. Good luck..
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Welcome to HTC John.

Don't forget to clean the throttle body too. Hope you didn't break a valve spring.
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Welcome to htc!

GET in truck turn key from off to run three times stopping at run on third time. Look at Odometer and see if any codes come up they will be P codes. If not get a pocket scanner and scan it. Next would be to remove the valve cover and look at the valve springs might possibly be a broken spring.
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Hope this gets sorted out for ya. Great advice already.
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I'm thinking broken valve spring as well. That's the symptom mine had when the #6 exhaust valve spring gave up the ghost.
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I've had the codes pulled and I got P0300 and P0171. I've had a bit more time to mess with the truck and I have 2 massive exhaust leaks both sides right after 1st O2 sensors seems someone thought using the pipe from a chain length fence to piece the exhaust was cool. Well i pulled the plugs out of #1 cylinder and they both were black as a ace of spades. Rest of the plugs had a yellowish look to them. Like many have said seems like my next move is to check for broken springs. Never messed with a hemi so it's a huge learning curve
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