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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

Just trying to earn some brownie points! LOL

Seriously though, I haven't really seen a thread here like this and I thought it might have people realize what a great place this is...

OH.. BTW... I changed my sig .. LOL.. no more babies puking on clean shirts...

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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

quote:Originally posted by MrHemi:
Wow! What a great thread to read after a long tiring day at work... thanks ArcticWolf

It's hard to believe we've been on the Net since March of 2003... coming up on eight years.

What makes this forum isn't the technology (or lack of it sometimes)... it isn't management... it's the people. I have never seen a group of folks so kind, generous, knowledgeable, and personable than I have seen here on this forum. The Hemi is the common denominator - but that just brought us all together.

I'm proud to know each and every one of you!!

i think i have a tear in my eye................sorry some lint got in my eye
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

HTC is all class compared with almost any other forum on the internet. Very civilized and dignified. People are friendly and helpful here. A high percentage of us have Hemis,too!
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

I joined the site after 3rdstrikeperformance told us about it at a GTG he held in Harrisonville MO. I checked it out and found it very helpful and met some great people on here as well.

I also belonged to DTW and DT but nothing compares to HTC.

I love this site and the members are like family to me.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

Since everyone else is telling what brought them here and what it means to them, so will I.

I bought my truck in November of 2007 and had it for about 2 months before the mod monkey latched ahold of me. I, like many others, did a search for mods. A couple of place popped up, DTW, DT, HTC and a few others I am sure. I first went to DTW to look around. The first thread I read was a bunch of people doggie some newbie that was asking a question and getting down right vulgar. I thought this isn't the place for me, it reminded me to much of the Mazda forum I was on. Next I came here and the first thing that caught my eye was:

Welcome to the HemiTruckClub.com forum! We pride ourselves in being more of a "Hemi family" than just a club. We are one of the few (perhaps the only) forum on the Internet that does not tolerate bashing, flaming, or degrading another member of the forum. Please keep it civil, clean, and respectful. BLATANT DISRESPECT TOWARDS ANOTHER CLUB MEMBER WILL RESULT IN A 30 DAY SUSPENSION.

After read that I thought this could be the place to go. I read a few threads and joined. I have met alot of what I hope to be life long friends here. The members here have saved me so much money that its not even funny. I remember my first question to anyone here was a pm the D500 asking him about "dry spray" nitrous, if it wasn't for George I would have blown my motor sky high, THANKS GEORGE. Billy said something about me helping him out at the Sandusky rally, well I thought it was the right thing to do. Even if I couldn't be there. This is family and you help family when you can.

I would really like to thank all of you that have given me advise or pointed me in the right direction. I consider everyone here family. Yes we all drive HEMI trucks, but that doesn't mean anything, its the people who drive them that make this place what it is.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

I join this site after Aaron (Cruel1) told me to come on here and read some of the funny stuff and look at the pics. After reading around for awhile I realized this group of people was made up of a bunch of great folks. Whether the post are about the trucks, a problem or just something funny that's happened you can always count on someone to make you laugh. I have laughed, almost cried, and been so pissed I couldn't see straight from some of the stuff on here but in the end that's what makes this a family. Whether its a funny story about a member, the loss of a great friend (we miss you HemiDaveK) or just some poking and proding to stir the hornets nest you know that you have a family to have your back. I have meet many great people and hope to meet many more.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

well everybody pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why... Its now more than the truck, but the trucks arent bad! LOL

Just a great group of folks through good and bad times.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

HTC reminds me of a time and a club that I was completely proud of, and enjoyed more than any other national club I've been in.

Because of HTC, ole blue was the one vehicle I enjoyed the most out of several I've owned over the years.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

Been here since 2003 and HTC means Family to me. I love all the Great folks here and have met a lot of friends that are more like family then my own family.
Yes, it was the Hemi that brought us all here, but it is the great people that keeps us here well after some have lost there Hemis due one thing or another. This family is with you thur our ups and our downs and thur our lost of love ones. There is no better place on the net that you could find a Family like what is here on HTC.
Thanks to all who make this a great place to be.
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What is HTC and what does it mean to YOU?

Good to see you Cherie.

I remembered that one of my post in the New Members Section say it fairly well.

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