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time for a new phone?

Getting ready to get a new phone. Decided to go with verizon, because the wife gets a good deal at work. Now we have to pick a phone, with all the different ones out there it is really confusing I have done some research on line and still I am confused. I have a razr now and my biggest complaint is the display. You can't see it outside and in bright light. So what do you have and do you like it? Thanks gang....Jim

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time for a new phone?

I personally would never get another Motorola in my life. I have an LG phone with Verizon and it is great. It breaks when I say so, like if it hits a brick wall. The service is 9 out of 10. everything has its problems here and there but for the most part I am a satisfied customer.
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time for a new phone?

We just swiched to Verizon as well because of my discount. Plus most of my family has Verizon so now I can call everyone without using airtime.

I wanted a phone with a music player and an external memory card so I could load my music without having to pay to download songs. I love music and listen a lot at work.

So I did a bunch of research and looked at phones in the store. I ended up getting the LG Chocolate. From what I understand the original had some issues, but it looks like they are all worked out. I absolutely love my phone. The only issue is that the face is exposed because it is a slider and not a flip phone. But I have a leather pouch with belt clip that keeps it protected. Check around, there are a lot of reviews out there. I tried to post a link, but it wasn't coming out right.

I got my phone first to get the account setup and then added my wife's line a week later. She originally was going to get the Samsung Gleam, but she liked my phone so much that she ended up getting the same one herself.
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time for a new phone?

I have Verizon also. Seems with any LCD phone its hard to see the screen in bright sunlight. But I am just a bacic guy when it comes to phones. I just want afrekin phone. No camera, No video, No internet, etc. I like gadgets mind you just not on my phone.
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time for a new phone?

I'm with you DaveK. I just want a phone to be a phone. Cameras, iPod and all that stuff is great if you use them but a PITA if you don't.
Just give me a phone with good reception, no dropped calls or at least just a few. No internet, no text msg., and a good battery life.
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time for a new phone?

blackberry pearl for me.... but i use ALL the features daily for work!
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time for a new phone?

I have had Moto phones for going on 13 years now. The on;y one I had a problem with was the RAZR. Biggest piece of **** on the face of the earth. I had 4 defective phones in 10 months. I replaced it with the KRAZR and have had zero problems. VZ service is also great.
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time for a new phone?

My phone is just basic too. I wanted keys, speakerphone and color screen that it. Phone works 99% of the time.
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time for a new phone?

We have Verizon service and LG cell phones. We tried to get phones without all the bells and whistles without much luck. Wound up with cameras and a lot of stuff we don't need or use. But the service has been good (for the most part).

Next time I get a cell phone I'm looking seriously at something like the Jitterbug. They are your basic cell phones.

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time for a new phone?

We just upgraded phones recently. I had an older Razor (couple of years old) and it was solid as a rock, but got to the point I couldn't keep it from eating batteries.

First replaced it with a Blackberry Pearl and though I liked the features I had issues with it. The ringer volume just wasn't there, no matter how loud I set it. I couldn't hear it if I was in another room in the house, forget hearing it ring in the truck.

The only way got around it was to modify the mp3 file and up he db of the file itself then it plays loud enough but sounds a little distorted. The onboard ringers are unusable though because they just aren't loud enough. The Pearls are also notorius for memory leaks. Upgraded the firmware which was supposed to make a difference but it didn't help. It kept indiscriminately deleting the call log or emails due to the memory issue.

I traded that one in for the Blackberry 8830 and have been much happier. It's a nice well built phone and I like the full keyboard. No camera but I've never cared for phone cameras anyway. Why do I want to take a picture with the crappy opticals on a phone when I own a DSLR? If you are business oriented, I have nothing but good things to say about the Blackberry phone. It reads pdf attachment and excel spreadsheets, etc., fetches email. syncs with Outlooks calendar, tasks and to-do. Like the pearl, it has a MicroSD slot for storing files and media.

I wouldn't go near ANY phone that runs Windows mobile. (HTC, etc) My husband seems to be attracted to these devices and anything he's ever had with Windows mobile or anything that uses MS ActiveSync has been nothing but a pain in MY A$$ (who do you think has to fix it all the time? Not him)

My daughter's LG was a good phone. My old Razor was a good basic phone, but I don't care for the look and feel of the newer Razors. They seem cheap to me.
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