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The Taxman cometh...

Despite the Bush Tax Cuts being continued look out for "The Man" come your 1st pay checks for 2011. Looks like they are keeping the increase in the amount they were planning on taking out of people's checks to cover the increase in taxes.

My Dad is retired and on a fixed income. He got notices today from his retirement sources showing no cost of living increase but a HUGE increase in Federal witholding tax. He is down over $100 a month. That is a major blow to his finances.

Makes me sick.

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The Taxman cometh...

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The Taxman cometh...

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The Taxman cometh...

Yep the POTUS gave everyone a tax break when he took office....well they let you keep an average of $17 dollars a week...until tax time came. Then they stuck it where the sun don't shine. You didn't get a tax break they just didn't take it our of your check until you went to pay taxes.
They couldn't tell the truth if it bit them in the butt...and it will.

If you think it's bad now just wait until all of the Obamacare taxes hit.
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The Taxman cometh...

Yep, my 2011 withholding is 22% up over the 2010 withholding, which was 9% over 2009's taxes.
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The Taxman cometh...

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The Taxman cometh...

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The Taxman cometh...

can you say revolt, it's comming, just like every where else in the world, the people are tired of the B.S. and where the only ones that can fix it.
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The Taxman cometh...

yea this deal is terrible. Not only that, if you owe any debt whatsoever, don't matter who it is owed to or why, they have the right, as of Decemeber 28th, to take your Federal Income Tax return!!!! What a rip don't matter if it is a credit card you are behind on, child support, bankruptcy, myswell consider it gone....
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