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The missing dollar.

Three salesmen leaving the airport, call a cab, and ask to be taken to their hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel They ask the cab driver what they own. He says $30., which they pay ten dollars each. They head up to their hotel room, and while the bellboy is getting their bags, the cab driver says to the bellboy, hey, I charged them too much. How about giving them this $5. back. On the way to their room, the bellboy thinks, there is no way three guys can split $5, so I'll keep $2, and give them @1. back. That way it will be even. He does this, which means that the three salesman, which gave $10. each, got $1. back each, means they spent $9. each. Sooo, 3x9= $27., the bellboy kept $2., that makes $29. Where is the missing dollar?

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The missing dollar.

Oh no you don't... Its that extra dollar that couldn't be split (5 between 3) and 2 for the bell hop.

$25 for the cab
$ 3 for the salesmen ($1 ea.)
$ 2 for the bell boy
$30.00 I actually went to school a few days.

It does get you to thinking doesn't it... I noticed that 10 people had read it without commenting...maybe they couldn't figure it out.
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The missing dollar.

thanks Rancher - I was going to go get some cash out of the wallet and start dividing it up - but didnt have $30.00 needed Gas this afternoon.
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The missing dollar.

Geez: My Hat's off to Rancher.
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The missing dollar.

No way that cabbie was going to cough up five bucks in the first place! It's like getting change from a hooker...never gonna happen. Not that I'd know from personal experience...I've got this friend who told this story one time...
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