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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

It was my senior year in High school and I was in 2nd period Earth Science when my teacher received a phone call from her husband telling her what happened. She went and got a tv from the library and about 5 classes of kids and teachers pilled into our room. We were watching live footage when the 2nd plane flew into the building. I remember thinking that it all seemed so fake. It was very hard for me to grasp that it was actually happening. It's the only time that I remember in school when EVERYONE was actually quiet and listening. As I"m sure all of yall agree it's very hard to put what I was feeling into this post. Disbelief, sorrow, anger, confusion... In all of my life(which hasn't been that long) I still remember how I felt watching that more vividly than I do with any other event in my life.

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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

I was at home getting ready for work. Oddly enough I hadn't been watching any television news for several days and something told me to turn on the TV. The first plane had already hit and they were trying to figure out what happened. Then the second plane flew into the building live on camera. I was stunned, sad, and angry all at the same time.
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

quote:Originally posted by proudhemi:
It's the only time that I remember in school when EVERYONE was actually quiet and listening.
That reminds me of Challenger disaster in '86. I was in 6th grade and the Principal came over the intercom to tell us what happened. Everyone was silent with shock.

I think everyone was always remember where they were when they first heard the news about 9/11. I was driving to work, beautiful morning t-tops off the SS and had been listening to a CD, but had just turned on the radio about 10 minutes before the 2nd plane hit. At first I was picturing a little Cessna with a seriously lost pilot, but with the reaction of the DJs to the second strike, I new it was a big deal. I'll never forget Ssycho calling me at work, as we all huddled around the TV in the conference room, crying uncontrollably when the first tower fell.
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

i had just pulled a 12hr night shift and was sleeping when for no reason i woke up (i think it was around 0930-1000) and went down stairs and the wife was sitting in my chair crying and i asked her what was wrong. she did not say anything, so i turned and look at the TV and they were replaying the vid of the towers collapsing. i then sat down beside her and watched in disbelief on what i was watching. then the phone ringed and it was work calling me in. ended up working for 24 hours straight that day and i have not slept very well since then. angry does not describe how i feel about what was done, nor about the religion that did it, but what worried me more is that we have so many DA that does not care or hate the USA so bad that they will surrender us the people of the USA to the religion of peace and hate.
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

Ya I was at work I work for the highway dept in my town Im only like 45 mins to a hour away We were paving a road somewhere and we had the radio cranking then we heard the news We all got called back and the town super call and asked us if all our equimemt worked We had a big crane we use for the garbage bodies taking them on and off Myself and about 30 of us went down there wand helped out I knew alot of friends I lost that day

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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

I was at work in the rail yard. people started talking about it on Com radios.
Then the terminal Super called and told all the jobs to stop working.All the crew came to the office and watched the TV for awhile to get the info.
We went back to work informed so that we could keep our minds on the job and work safely.

I live very near to Midway airport and not that far from O'Hare. There are alot of aircraft in my sky.
To this day when I see a plane banking to turn it reminds me of how the planes crashed into the tower at an angle.
It pi$$es me off. I will never forget.
I will never forgive....although that's not my place. I'm just a mere human.
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

THAT WAS MY FIRST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO A BIG GATHERING OF I&E TECHS IN HOUSTON, BUT IT GOT CANCELLED BECAUSE OF THOSE ASSHOLES This message has been edited. Last edited by: dayton hemi, document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Fri, 25 Jan 2008 22:24:39 GMT-0800', '26 January 2008 01:24 AM')+''); 26 January 2008 01:24 AM
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

I was driving a tractor in a field in deepest darkest Manitoba, Canada, listened to it on the radio.
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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

I was in a meeting with several state agencies when everyones pagers and cell phones went beserk.

There were 10 or 12 of us there. Before even answering,the look on everyones faces was that of Oh My God...we knew something horrible had occurred.

I really didn't have time to think about it. I spent the next 4 days coordinating an emergency radio system that was installed on the Chrysler Building to replace the system that was lost when the towers collapsed.

The magnatude of what had happened didn't sink in until the next day, I have never been that full of rage in my life.

And I pray that I never feel that way again.

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Sep 11 2001, where were you?

I was at the shop, building motors. How unlike me.
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