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Well, I worked Saturday because of missing Monday due to the dog dying. Had work to do anyway (we are doing a reappraisal). Called Mark at 2:00 and told him I would be out doing site inspections but would have my cell phone with me. He is due to start his shift at 3:00. I finished the site inspections early and stopped by his work to say Hi. (We are like ships that pass in the night). . Anyway, it is 3:20 and I go in and there is another guy dispatching. I said, "When is Mark's shift today"? (because he has been having screwy shifts and I thought something changed). The guy says, "Didn't anyone call you"? I said, "No". He said, "He had to go to the hospital". As it happened, he got out of the truck and his back locked up. All he could do was stand there. Later he told me he was wondering how long he would stand there before someone noticed him, and he didn't even have his camo shirt on. Anyway, the ambulance crew happened to be right there at the station, must have just gotten back from a call. They took him to the hospital where they gave him an IV of morphine and muscle relaxers. So, I went down to the hospital. He eventually was able to hobble to the car to go home. He had prescriptions for more muscle relaxers and pain relief that we stopped and filled on the way home.

He has these back issues occasionally. He has been hobbling around with his cane. Hopefully, it will be better soon.

He never gets a weekend off unless he is sick (or broken down) or there is a family emergency. If you ask me, it isn't worth the weekend off.


"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."--Anonymous

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Sorry to hear that Margot. Give him our best.
I got a call like that from a neighbors wife a few years ago. He was standing at the sink and couldn't move. Managed to get to the phone and call her. She called me to see if I could help. He had been standing there for over an hour and was in tears. Been there, done that. Anyway got him to a bar stool and eventually to a doctor.
Backs can be a real PITA when you mess them up. I managed to get by for years, until my legs started just folding up on me. Surgery is never fun and back surgery really stinks. It's seldom right after that, no matter what they say. Some times you just want to give up and get a Hoveround.

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Know what thats all about.

Had back trouble several times that put me out of work. When your back hurts, everything you do hurts. Heaven help you if you have to sneeze.

Hope it is has a short duration this time my friend.

I was always taught to respect my elders but, it keeps getting harder to find any.
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and actually i got quite a chuckle thinking of Mark standing there "hoping" someone would find him....

Reminds me of when my Uncle was shot twice by a couple bank robbers and was laying there in the street.
he of course called for help on the radio (yes he was a cop ) and once he heard the sirens approaching he said.

"damn- I hope the guys see me and don't run over me!"

HEY you HAVE to know my uncle. it was and still is funny
(yes true story)
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Get better soon, Mark.
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Hope you're back to normal soon!
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I've never had my back lock up, but I have been ON my back BECAUSE of my back. Hope Mark feels better soon.

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Really sorry to hear this! I can't even imagine the pain, but hope he's back to normal (whatever that might be) real soon!

Oh, and tell him he needs to get one of these!

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