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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

I was making a post on another site about car detailing and this popped into my head. Has been a couple years and to be honest I think I intentionally have kind of blocked it out. Came back in a rush today though and has me all fired up again. Thought I would post it up and share. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!...
Living in NH our winter is really rough on our rides. My truck came through pretty good. Just a couple small scratches that can be buffed out. I too use a local detailer who does a great job. I go there once a year in May to have whatever winter did repaired and to get the annual major cleaning done. This year they can buff out those few scratches before they put on a couple good coats of Meguires for me.

I too pay $150 but it also includes a full interior cleaning complete with rug shampoo. I am very particular about who gets to touch my vehicles but these guys do such good work I never worry. I actually went to one detailer in the past that did something that almost lead to me wanting to kill him! It will be long to tell it all but please try and wade through it. You just won't believe it!

I dropped my truck off( 01 Ram Sport, electric blue, flashy rims, with duals and other perf mod's )at a local detail shop to have it done up. My Sister followed me so I could leave it for the day and then go to work. Halfway there I realized I left something I needed in the back of the truck. So we turned around and went back. About 150 yds up the road from the detailers I see MY TRUCK come flying out of the parking lot, tires squealing like hell, and go roaring by me with some punk kid in sunglasses at the wheel.

Man I was just about out of my mind when we pulled in to the detailers yard. I jumped out before the car was even stopped and ran in hollering and screaming for the manager. He actually tried to tell me the truck was in the shop but because of insurance reasons I couldn't go out to verify it. I told him he had about 2 seconds to smarten up before he lost his teeth. I know my own truck.

I went out to the car and called the PD who responded shortly after the punk kid came back. They used MY TRUCK for a coffee run if you can believe it. Man was I pissed off. It was actually funny( now anyway )if you can picture my 5' 6" sister trying to hold me back( 6' 4" and 350lbs at the time )from tearing this kid and manager apart. The lady receptionist actually got up and disappeared out back real fast.

I wanted someone arrested but the cop told me unfortunately he couldn't because I had left the keys with them and that implys some kind of consent to allow the vehicle to be driven or some other BS. I showed the cop the burnouts from my truck and my sister also vouched we had seen the little punk come flying out with it. I told him I sure as heck don't see how leaving a vehicle to be detailed implied consent to thrash my truck?

The cop did give the kid holly hell though and told him he would be keeping an eye out for him and also took his license info down to keep. He also reamed the shop owner/manager pretty good as well.

I then said I just wanted to leave to give me my keys. The manager actually had the balls to whine because by canceling the appointment I was costing him money? The cop stepped in between us at that point, as I went totally nuclear once again, and told the guy he had 1 second to produce my keys or he would start looking into charges! I left then after the cop and I went over the truck and no apparant damage was found. The cop told the detail shop owner however that I was going to the dealer to have the truck checked out and that ANY issues better be paid for by him with no trouble.

The dealer put the truck in right off and found no problems. I was due pretty quick for an OC, tranny service, and diff services and the dealership who is great actually did the work NC( I supplied parts )because they felt bad for me. Guess they had some bad experiences with that shop as well.

Man I was so angry I actually thought of going back with a baseball bat! What I actually ended up doing was going to EVERY car dealer within a 3 town radius and told them what happened. I gave them my sister and the cop's phone number and names to verify. Many of those dealers it turns out used the guy.

He didn't last but maybe 2-3 months longer before he was just gone over night. WOW! Been a while since I recounted that bad day. Has my blood pressure way up just remembering it. I am surprised I didn't have a stroke that day.

Oh yeah, I now specifically tell anybody I leave my truck with they DO NOT have my permission to take it for a joy ride and that they can only drive it in and out of the building from where it is parked. I tell EVERY person I leave it with for work that unless it is the dealer or a test drive is required. I also tell them if I catch them( I briefly recount what happened )that I will press charges! Whenever possible I even stand and keep an eye on the truck( through windows or from outside through the bay door ). God help the next punk I catch doing it!

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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

Wow... incredible story. I would've reacted the same way buddy.
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

Oh man. That is un-friggin-believable. I agree with Mr. Hemi, I'd react the same way. I got pissed for you just reading your story. Wow, that sucks you even had to go through that.

At least the loser piece of *(&^%@ went out of business. Good riddance.
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

NHHemi, you sure have a way with words and that was a great story. By the sounds of it, you sure got their attention and I'm surprised the cop didn't call for backup.

I don't have any similar stories I can relate too, but I don't trust anyone with my personal property no matter what it is. Being retired, I have the time to sit and wait and WATCH anytime I have to drop a vehicle off for repairs. I usually do my own maintenance and deatailing.

What would even possess someone to jump in someone elses vehicle and drive it like they stole it is beyond me. I don't even like driving someone elses car for fear of doing something wrong. I give you credit for the control you used that day and you did good by putting him out of business. I too can honestly say that I put a paving contractor out of business when he screwed me doing my driveway.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but it sure feels good to pop someone when they really deserve it.

Good Job: Steve
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

My buddy had a fully restored Mach 1 and he was called to duty for the first Gulf War. While he was gone his wife had to take it in to a shop becuase it was leaking oil onto the drive way. So she took it to a "great shop" with out asking my buddy about it. Turns out it was just a pintched oil filter flange. The car though was completlely totaled. The manager and his girl friend took it out for lunch and got t-boned by a garbage truck. It was a terrible thing, the car was my buddy's Dad's who had died almost 1 year before it to the day. The shop settled out of court with him for 200K but he was so upset about the loss of the car. This message has been edited. Last edited by: Dan, the Nice Guy, document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:19:04 GMT-0700', '14 April 2005 06:19 PM')+''); 14 April 2005 06:19 PM
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

You know, I am happy to say I don't find myself in these situations. Not that I am saying it may not happen in the future, but I have been (not lucky) just blessed to this date.
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

I'm afraid that the can of "Whop ***" would have been opened before reason could take over... I'm not sure who would have won but you can bet on who would have gotten in the first lick...and prolly the fine.
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

I don't think the cop was accurate in telling you about the consent to drive statute. I had a similar incident in Philadelphia at a parking lot. When I came back to the lot my truck was gone. I got about as mad as you did. The attendant said he had moved my truck to a lot for larger vehicles a block away and sent someone to bring it back. When I got the truck back it had 17 more miles on it than when I dropped it off. I immediately called the cops and the owner was issued a summons to appear in court. He ended up paying a fine of $250, pay me $150 in restitution and also reimburse me for lawyer fees and the bill to have the garage to a thorough check of the truck.

The consent to drive is only for the purpose of duplicating a mechanical problem or trying to isolate a noise complaint. It naturally also applies to test driving to ensure proper repair within in reasonable distance. Now I know I am not an auto detailer but I can't think of anything that would fall under that statute for a detailer. There is also statutes about the misuse of customer's property (recklessness, excessive speeds and coffee runs fall under these). You could have pressed charges, but perhaps he paid more in the long run by losing his business. I'm just happy to hear no damage was done to your truck. I wonder where he is doing business now. This message has been edited. Last edited by: AFHemi, document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Thu, 14 Apr 2005 17:10:51 GMT-0700', '14 April 2005 08:10 PM')+''); 14 April 2005 08:10 PM
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

My chief question is why didn't the cop ticket the kid for SPC (starting parked car), or laying rubber as the civilians call it. In VT that carries a $100 fine (I got a few of those when I was little). I don't think a thorough *** chewing was sufficient in that case. I know how hard it is to hold back in that situation. At the tender age of 18, I acquired a simple assault charge after not keeping my temper. Oh well, I learned.
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Made a post at another site and this came back to me...unbelievable!

Great tale.Could be worse though....just be glad you weren't dropping your sister off for a bikini wax and shampoo!
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