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life as a cop

As I sit here watching footage of officers all over the country being spit on, threatened, attacked, called murderers and mercilessly berated by protesters, I find myself questioning my faith in humanity. I have spent over a decade of my life risking it to protect the very people who now spit in the faces of my brothers and sisters. I have taken murderers, rapists and child violators off of your streets. I have missed out on celebrating countless holidays and birthdays with m...y children, none of which I will ever get back. I have purchased gifts for a family that had every package under their tree stolen in a burglary on Christmas Eve. I have feared for my life more times than I can count, but never afforded the luxury of retreating from the danger. I have bled and cried and had the true horror that you inflict on one another permanently stamped in my mind, to carry around for the rest of my life. I have talked the knife out of a suicidal man’s hand, and removed a gun from a 12 year old boy’s waistband. I have broken my foot, broken my hand, and torn apart both shoulders. I have administered CPR on a dying child in my arms, and had to inform people of the loss of a loved one after having held their had and looked them in the eye as they took their last breath. And I nearly lost my life after being stabbed while saving an elderly couple from being murdered. Do I deserve to be spit on? Called a murderer? Have to stand silent as you scream “**** YOU!” in my face? Of course not, you say? You say I’m a “good one?” Well, let me tell you, I am not special. I am not unique. I am the norm. I am the job. -TM

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For 37 years I proudly wore a badge and like you and other officers I have missed out on so many event's in my family's lives, event's that can never be recreated but it was a career that I chose. It even cost me a marriage because she could not deal with the stress of if I was going to walk in the front door at 0600.

And from my perspective the general public wants nothing to do with the police until the crap in THEIR life is going so bad that they can't handle it and then call the police to handle it or clean up their mess.

I supervised a Highway Enforcement Unit and part of our duty was to handle and investigate motor vehicle collisions and fatalities. I won't go into gory specific's but I have been on a fatality scene where my boots have stuck to the concrete because of the blood.

For the most part a lot of first responder's have a somewhat dark sense of humor it's the only way many of us could keep what little bit of sanity we had left.

During my career I've been lucky and saved a few people who wanted to commit suicide and I've lost a few, I've also attended way to many police officers funerals who because they did not want to reach out to somebody just to talk to them because of being perceived as being weak chose to commit suicide.

I could go on but I'll get off my soap box now and go quietly to my sofa with my cup of coffee and enjoy my retirement and to all my brother officer's and deputies stay safe and watch your 6.
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I have nothing against any officer of the law! IMO you do a damn good job with all the crazy people out there. To many gangster people say * the police but I bet you there the first ones to call and then complain. It is unreal for sure how disrespectful people are. Black Friday last year at walmart I was leaning against a pole on one of the isles and an officer came over and leaned against the other side. I was shocked at what he said next lol. "Glad I'm not the only one carrying more than one firearm in here right now with all these crazy people around" I was stunned due to the fact that I had 2 9mm glocks on me lol. We talked for a bit then he had to run to a crazy people incident. Cool cop IMO very chill. There are some people that just need a good old school taste of justice lol. Cops have a very hard and important job IMO that I personally would not be able to handle keep up the good work guys/gals and enjoy retirement for the rest.
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respect anyone who choose to be a police officer
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Honor & Respect ALL Police Officers. They are the silent Heroes that watch over us. And assist us as needed.

Can't confirm nor deny I might have needed a some assistance a few times through my life.........
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i will be honest i have seen the back of a police car once, it wasnt totally my doing ether but it was the worst experience of my life.And the back of the charger don't have much room. And the K-9 wasn't too friendly either. So he stayed on his side and I stayed on my side and that's the way we liked it
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Nothing but total respect for all law enforcement several relatives are with the RCMP. Only dealing with officers I've ever had were traffic stops they have always been nothing but professional.. obey the laws don't be a *** and everyone will get along fine !! you can't please all the people all of the time
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It's sad that we now have a society that see policemen as wrong rather than if the criminal wasn't doing what he/she was doing they wouldn't have been in a situation to have dealings with police. I mean, since when do criminals have more rights than policemen and victims!!!! It's insane.
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The Political influence for power is the answer.
I will give some opinions as I see them
1. I will not call a policeman unless absolutely necessary by law
2. Police are not hire to protect and serve in the sense most people think that means
3. Police are not asking you questions to help you, they are doing their best to build case against you so they can arrest you
4. They can legally lie to you
5. They will shoot your dog
6. It is ok for them to film you but you can't film them
7. They will put there knee in your back and twist your arm behind you and if you pull back (a natural reflex) they will charge you with resisting arrest, they will charge you with everything in the book hoping some will stick, trying to make you into a bad guy.
8. They walk all over your rights while lie that they have the right
9. They will plant evidence
10. They will beat the crap out of you and everone looks the other way

That is just 10 things to come to mind. Sure most policeman have good hearts, and do crap we don't want to have to deal with, and half the crap they shouldn't, this world is so screw up trying to be politicaly correct but thats anothet subject...

I have never been in jail or harass my law enforcement. so I am not a bad boy complaining, just stating the facts.

The police departments are run by mentality of power, not servitude. Yes the people in St Louis are being foolish, that is what the news shows want you to see. Makeing them into bad guys discounts the problem. so now it will not be discussed

Yes I have a problem with police and how you treat people.
For the good policeman out there this how you are seen as a whole, I dont dislike police, I respect police, and I would aid a policeman if needed. But that doesn't change my distrust and fear I have of you.
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"Just stating facts"----I call B.S.!!!!! Sorry I can't and won't get into a pi**ing match with you on the computer, but after over 40 years in LE I hope you know what I think of your comments.
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