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Old 04-24-2007, 08:14 PM   #1
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Laser Eye Surgery

Hemi lovers

I finally made an appointment for an eye consultation next week. I am so ready to ditch the contacts/glasses.

Just wondering if anyone has had laser eye surgery (Lasik, PRK, ect)? Are you happy with the outcome? Any complications?

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Laser Eye Surgery

Sounds good! i hope all goes well!
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Laser Eye Surgery

My sister had it done a couple of years ago...
The only thing she said about it is
"WHY did I wait so LONG?"

She breezed thru it...and is very glad she did it!
Good luck!
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Laser Eye Surgery

Everyone I know who has had it is very pleased. I've wanted to do it for years now. I kept hoping the price would come down a little lower. It's going to be my next big splurge. Good luck!
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Old 04-24-2007, 08:35 PM   #5
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Laser Eye Surgery

I had PRK last october. Awsome results, from 20/200 to 20/15 in both eyes. Yah, it's got alonger recovery time, but you won't have the dry eye/ irratation like you would with LASIK or INTRALACE (upgraded version of lasik uses lasers instead of a knife). My treatment times were only a few seconds each. With the PRK, all you have to do (since you're military) is FOLLOW THE DOCTOR'S INSTRUCTIONS TO THE "T". That's the only thing the doc stressed with us. "The military eye surgery candidates are typicaly healthier and more obiedient than the civilians" US NAVY OPHTHALMOLOGIST(no offense, please). I couldn't be happier with mine. The hardest part will be trying to keep from pushing your glasses up that don't exist.
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Laser Eye Surgery

Not that it really means anything but some of the radio personalties advertise for a few doctors that do the surgeries on like a personal experience, so I'm assuming they actually had it done. They have nothing but rave reviews about that stuff. Thankfully, no glasses/contact for me.
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Old 04-25-2007, 06:49 AM   #7
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Laser Eye Surgery

I was a trend setter in our area and had Lasik 11 years ago when it was first available. Best money I've spent!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. No complications what-so-ever. Woke up the next day with 20/20 in both eyes. However, be advised that the receptionist that checks you in is not humored when you ask to see the brochures for seeing-eye dogs while you wait . My doctor did warn me at that time that in about five or six years when I hit my mid-forties that I would think that my lasix had failed because I would need glasses for reading or night distance but that the Lasix doesn't fail you just have "old-people" eyes and those things happen. Sure enough, 45 hit and I had have glasses for driving a night but don't need reading glasses...yet. Still very happy with the results.
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Old 04-25-2007, 07:23 AM   #8
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Laser Eye Surgery

I had mine done about a year and a half ago. My eyes were so bad they adjusted one for close up, and one for distance. Some people can't deal with this procedure, but it wasn't an issue for me. I had lots of people asking about it, and my recommendation is to go to the "Best" doctor you can find. If it cost more, pay it. To may horror stories about the cheap places screwing peoples eyes up. I have a brother-in-law that happened to. Since there is a 6 month wait before they can correct their mistakes it took him a year and a half to get his eyes fixed and they still aren't any good. I have a cousin having it done next week.

Good luck.
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Laser Eye Surgery

I don’t want to scare you but my brother had it done down in Georgia where he lives and the Dr failed to test for some kind of infection (which is suppose to be done before every surgery) and he was one of the unlucky ones that had it, so now his eyes are 10 times worse. And the worst part is glasses can’t help any more because his eyes will go in and out of focus constantly. He could be driving down the street and all the sudden his eyes go out of focus and he can’t read the road signs.

I guess the chances of you having this infection like 100,000 to 1, so it’s a slim chance you have it. They also said that if you could have this infection for your entire life and never know it.

He currently is in the middle of a lawsuit with the doctor that hs been going on for 3-4 years.

Like I said I didn’t post this to scare you, but if I where you I make darn sure you get every test in the world done before you do it.
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Laser Eye Surgery

my father had it done about 2 years ago and still can't beleive he waited soo long to get it done!
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