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labor prices

hopefully someone can help me on this a few guys at work found out i work on cars on the side so i the past month i did about 6 cars starters alt hitch brakes small stuffmy question is where can i find on how much to charge i dont want to get rich nor i dont want to loose money buy time,tools,electric,and heat etc. i know that when it come to friends you may treat some close ones better or one who would have less money i try to go by my judgement on this trust me its hard but i realy have no clue what to charge expecially when they what to know up front when i have no clue whats all involed to do the job any ideas or where i can find what a local garage would charge all i know is the few i have done there where no coplants but i think im doing the work to cheap nearly for free thanks for all the imput on this

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labor prices

This is what I have dealt with in dealing with VW's. Dealers are usually around $95/hr., independent shops $75/hr. When I'm dealing with friends, it's usually a flat fee, or a barter of some sort. But when you break it down it's about $50/hr. I guess.
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labor prices

Up here the shop I work for charges $105hr,.. 15% discount if you know us really good, or are a repeat customer.

On the side I charge $75hr, 75%shop costs, tools, etc, 25% for me. If I have to drive to pick up a unit, its a flat rate of $20 within 20miles if the city one way.

ALWAYS over price, so if you have to deal a discount,.. or if an incurred charge may arise.
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labor prices

back in the day when i worked on autos i always charged half of what a independent shop charged and if anyone did not like my price well they always can go find someone else to do it. after all you have to buy the tools and as i always tell anyone who, even today complain, if you don't like the price go out and buy your own tools and learn how to do it. its not what you do, its knowing what and how to do it right that anyone who can't do it is paying for.
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labor prices

You could check the library or bookstores for a current copy of a flat rate manual. It's the bible for setting charges in the garages and it's how a good mechanic can get paid for 100 hrs in a 40 hr week.
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