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HTC News: August 18, 2019

Internet Safety Tips for Work and Home

· Beware of adware, spyware and viruses. These can slow computer performance and steal any personal passwords and information you use and keep on the computer or on the web.

· Install trustworthy protection software and keep yourself protected with updated versions.

· Use a firewall to prevent hackers from attacking your computer remotely.

· Never open an unscreened email from a contact you don’t know; if in doubt, trash it.

· Block pop-ups.

· Download free software only from a reputable and trustworthy company.

· Use encryption to protect your personal information, and when logging into your computer.

· Log off from all websites and shut down your computer when not in use.

· Log off from all websites and delete history, downloads, and cookies after using a public computer.

· Protect your home/work wireless network with encryption.

Safely Navigating the World of Social Networking

· Don’t disclose personal information - neither your own, nor that of someone else. If you’re an employer, consider investing in social media HR training for your HR Staff.

· Don’t forward another individual’s email without permission. Chain mail is a real treat for online hackers and spammers.

· Never post anything that would shame or embarrass you or others; Be wary of what others post about you, including photographs that can be duplicated and used against you.

· Posted information is public information. You may want to rethink those “public” settings. Even if you think your settings are “private”, plenty of people can gain access—including enforcement authorities, the website managers and experienced hackers and digital criminals.

· If you wouldn’t want it to go public, don’t post it.

· Periodically check your credit reports, online status and personal search results.

Protect Passwords and Personal Information

· Never give out your personal information and never type passwords or usernames on unsecure pages or unsecure networks.

· Create long and difficult passwords using letters, numbers, symbols, and an upper- and lower-case variation.

· Never use number or letter sequences or predictable patterns.

· Change your passwords every 2-3 months and never reuse passwords.

· Never mirror your username with your password.

· Never store your password online or on a mobile device.

· Avoid using personal information (name, age, SSN, address) in your username and especially in your password.

Children: An Easy Target

· Learn and share. You yourself must know the dangers—and the means of protection—before you can adequately teach them to your child.

· Ensure that children know never to identify themselves online, never giving away personal information or passwords. Teach them that if they experience cyber-bullying they should not respond, but should report it to you immediately.

· Limit and screen your child’s browsing access. Family safety software is effective and smart, allowing remote monitoring, keystroke recognition, time management and more.

· Strategize in case something happens.
As always, be approachable and keep the communication lines open. Trust is priceless and often saves lives. If something wrong is going on, you need to be the first to know to ensure your child’s well-being.

Birthdays/anniversaries we are celebrating this week:
Sunday: WVDan - Dan from West Virginia
Tuesday: megacab1 - John from Florida
deke6520 - Steve from Alberta, Canada
Saturday: MDSBigPaPa - Mark from New York
If it's your birthday/anniversary/special occasion let us know and we will celebrate with you.

Welcome to AK_HEMI who brings his 2009 1500 Hemi to the HTC party!!

Chatroom is back!! Join us every Thursday evening at 7:00 CST for chatroom. See what going on with the rest of the HTC'ers. It's also a great place to compare weather reports.

If you have a prayer request you would like to share either add it to this thread or PM me.
*HemiSuperbee - Mark - health concerns
*Rancher - Doug said to take him off the list but I think a quick prayer for his general health issues isn't a bad idea
*Doc's mother
*BlackTRX - Roy - new cancer diagnosis and recovery from his surgery that he had Friday, May 31st
*Our Hemlins as they return to school

Have a great week!!!
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