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Fellow members of HTC – it is with great pleasure that I announce that Andy Robinowitz (from a small company called Social Knowledge) has adopted and will help us push our community forward. This is great news for HTC members... because with the new owner, comes new modern software, a much better server support system, and a more user-friendly forum with many more options and tools for you to use.

Kent (MrTruck) and I have been communicating with Andy over the last few months and feel strongly that his expertise and resources will help our community grow in the future. Kent and I have been running HTC since March 2003 and have decided that in order to offer the most to our members, this change in ownership must happen. Kent and I are “old school” when it comes to forums, and we felt it just wasn’t fair to our 7,000+ members not to have the most up to date forum on the Web. We just didn't have the technical skills to compete with today’s modern forums and software.

It is very important to note that we would never let anyone adopt HTC that we didn't feel strongly that they would foster and nurture the community with the same ethics and dedication that we have had over the past 10 years. HemiTruckClub will still be the great family it has always been. It is also important to note that I’ll still be here – nothing has changed with that regard. I will continue to support HTC, and look forward to working with Andy. The rest of the board of directors will remain unchanged as well. It is business as usual around here from a community management standpoint.

Kent will be moving on to other web-based adventures, and I wish him all the best in whatever he does. Thank you Kent... for creating and everything you have done to get HTC to where it is today!

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When do we get to sit down with Andy and have a cold one?

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I personally think MrHemi and MrTruck have done a wonderful job. If it weren't for the 2 of you I would have never met all the great friends I have. Good luck to MrTruck in his adventures and can't wait to start working with Andy.
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Originally posted by "RANCHER":
When do we get to sit down with Andy and have a cold one?
Hopefully soon! It might have to be a cold two or three though!


When you spend nearly a decade fostering an online community, it's a very personal decision and I am honored that Mark and Kent have entrusted me to adopt Hemi Truck Club. I know how special online forum communities are, the friendships formed are often stronger then those with our real world friends. Online forum communities are living breathing websites and it's of the utmost importance that we not disrupt what this community has built over the last decade.

As Mark mentioned, I have a background with forums having worked with them all day, everyday for the last ten years. I founded my first forum in 2002 and through some random events found myself adopting some sites that were going to be closed down because of the cost to run them. Fascinated by how these communities took on a life of their own, I decided to dedicate my time exclusively to forum in 2005 and that's when I incorporated Social Knowledge (my little company). Social Knowledge is tiny, a single person company, but I have built an amazing team of helpers over the years, all of them were members of my sites. They will be here to help support the team and members as needed. Janet will be working with the Board of Directors teaching them about all the new bells & whistles of our new forum software. Jeff is our programmer and he will be the one who has to figure out how to migrate our data into the new software. Andy Staple is a web designer and will be responsible for making the "skin" of the software look nice. Our goal is to be here to support to the community and help take it to the next level (technically speaking).

Our plan is to migrate from the current Social Strata software over to a popular forum software called vBulletin. We will be rolling out lots of new features including a garage where you can show case your trucks, a club feature so we can help promote our regional chapters, a photo gallery system, smart phone apps (iOS & Android) as well as lot of other "little" enhancements. The migration is going to take A LOT of work but we'll practice it a few time so hopefully the live conversion will be fairly smooth. As with all changes, it will take some getting used to but if you all hang in there and give it a chance, I am certain you will enjoy the new setup.

When ever an announcement like this is made, it's common for members to question who the "new guy" is. I know I'll have to earn your trust. I look forward to meeting you all and being part of the Hemi Truck Club in the years to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards,

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Congrats to all involved with this transition and Best Wishes to HTC!
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Hopefully soon! It might have to be a cold two or three though!
We're going to be at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine Saturday afternoon. The Ice Show among other things. If your free let us know and we'll at least make an effort to say "Hi".

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That's great news! vBulletin is very good software, I've been using it with VWVortex, a forum I'm a moderator on, and it very easy to use. Will you consider using Tapatalk for those of us that are a little more tech savvy?

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