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Before you buy or sell on ebay, think again.

I want to start out by saying I will never, EVER, buy or sell anything on ebay ever again. I sold an amplifier on ebay back in December. The first buyer flaked, and never paid for it. I re-listed it, selling it for $40 less the second time around. Whatever, not ebay's fault I know. I paid for the shipping through ebay to make things faster and easier. For some reason even ebay couldn't figure out i couldn't print out the shipping label. I ended up having to void the label. Refund time? 2-3 weeks. The second time around I took the box and paid for the shipping out of my pocket. So for those keeping track, that's $80 out of my pocket so far.

Did I mention that I can't touch the money in paypal yet, because they don't release the funds until it is delivered? I paid for Priority so it should get there in 3 days. On the third day the tracking info said out for delivery, but nothing after that. A few days later, I sent the guy a message to see if he had gotten the box yet. Nope, not yet. I called the post office, they said, it's been delivered, but it was delivered damaged, so the tracking info won't show as delivered, but he tells me, after confirming with the letter carrier that delivered it, it was delivered. I send the guy an e-mail back asking if maybe someone else in his house may have picked it up and not told him. He got pissed and said he was filing a complaint with ebay.

He filed a complaint with ebay, and through several messages back and forth, I relayed to him that the package was delivered according to the post office, and gave him the contact info of the guy I talked to at the post office, that delivers his mail. I didn't hear anything back for a few days, until today. THOSE STUPID SOB'S AT EBAY REFUNDED HIS MONEY, AND ARE ASKING ME FOR THEIR MONEY BACK!!!! I about fell out of my chair. So now, I have to call the post office, get a letter from their post master stating that the package was indeed delivered, and fax it back to them.

So this is fair warning to anyone who buys or sells on ebay, bend over and grab your ankles before you start so you aren't as shocked as I am.

Cliff's notes- I got royally screwed by ebay.


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Sorry to hear of your woe's. I've had some problems with sellers but never with a buyer.
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Wow that sucks. I don't like eBay to begin with... I got screwed out of a lift kit for my jeep... They can all stick it where the sun don't shine.
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That sucks!

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That is tough luck. I've been an eBay member since March, '99. I've never had a bad experience. In fact, I've had some vendors actually "go the extra step" on some occasions.
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same here i goin in 02 and love it....mind you i havent sold on there
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I've sold a few things. The Tornado I found when I was rummaging around the hood of my Ram went for $20 plus shipping. The flame grill I took off went for similar money.
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10 years on EBay mostly buying selling a few times no problems ..sounds like you had some bad luck and a ******* for a buyer
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That sucks I get little things off eBay here and there and never had an issue maybe just bad luck this time round
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