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Retired BOD - Doug
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We get new members almost every day. I'm sure that a lot of what goes on around here is hard for someone thats new to understand. So here is a little insight into the way things are.

We are a close knit little family that like to help each other, and anyone we can. We pick on each other, make jokes about each other but thats the way this family is... You are welcome to join in the antics if you want but it isn't required. If you want to be an active part of the family just join in, if not thats cool too.
We have some members that post on almost every thread, everyday, and others that only post occasionally. It makes no difference. You can become as involved as you like or just come and gather information, and never post. We talk a lot of trash sometimes, but it's all in fun. We don't allow anyone to bash another member. We may not always agree, but we always treat each other with respect.
Some of us have gotten to be pretty close friends over the years. Meeting someone who's post you've read can be a real hoot. Not everyone is in real life, like they appear in their post. Some of us will talk to a fence post while others may type a lot yet have little to say in person. You just never know.
We have a lot of veterans, and public servants, and we appreciate them and the sacrifices they make. We also have just about every kind of profession you can imagine. Some well educated, and some not. It doesn't make any difference to us..we're all equal (family). For the most part we all like to have a good time, and our trucks. Our ages are from 17 to 72, but you would never know there was a difference. It just works here.
You will see an occasional references to drinking.... Yes some of us do have a drink once in a while, some more often than others. But we have never had anyone get out of line or drunk. We have held several HemiTruckClub Rallies, Regional and State GTG's, and three Hemi's in the Hills events without a single problem. These events aren't taken lightly. MrHemi and his State Officials and individuals have worked hard to make every gathering a success, and it has paid off.
Work on the 2007 Rallies started back in September 2006 with a dozen members adding their input to the choice of areas, dates and events. If you a new member and you have time to make the Rally this year, even if it's just for a day or two, you won't be disappointed. You can pretty much bet that someone there will be the type person you'll feel comfortable with.
Enjoy The Hemi Truck Club and be a part of the best group of people anywhere... that's just the way it is!!!


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Board of Directors (Jay)
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Excellent post Rancher.
2003, Std. SWB, SLT, 20", 4:56 gear, AFE CAI, Superchip, 6.1 cam, 6.1 heads, Manley springs, retainers, pushrods, Edelbrock Hedders, 195 T-Stat, 8.2 Taylor, AEM, Power Wire, ARC-1,Amsoil Everything, and more. Veni Vidi Vici Titan Killer Club

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Well said Ranch
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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." - Sir Winston Churchill

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Director Emeritus
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Well said Doug... thank you very much for posting that. I will move this to (and feature it) our "New Members" section.

There will be an increase in your next payday my friend - good job
2003 Ram 5.7 HEMI RC 2WD - Supercharged. 520 HP, 14 mpg... SOLD
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2005 Ram 5.7 HEMI QC 4X4 - bone stock work truck... SOLD
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Howdy everyone! My name is Jeff and I'm a , wait, my wife is a Hemi owner. Haha I recently purchased a 2007 Dodge 1500 Mega Cab 4x4 w/ a hemi for my wife. When I get to drive it, I love it! It's 2 toned black/silver w/ power sunroof, 6-disc, power seats, tow mirrors. I would really like to fix this truck up for her. I look forward to meeting everyone and helping out where I can. Thanks!
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always glad to have a fellow texan join! now what ya gotta do is get yourself a hemi so you can have two in the drive way! lol well and glad ya found us! also great post rancher!
Wreck'em Tech
06 Black Sport QC 1500 Hemi,
AERO Stealth 156 Muffler , aFe Stage 2 "High Breather", Pacesetter Mids, Superchips
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Back to the stock 5.7 camp with 5.7 rods.
have had a stock, 6.1, 260, and a spartan cam. dont ask.. AND a krc210 w/ 4 degrees cam, Sharadon Ported and Polished Heads, Gibson Headers, Cutout, AirRam CAI, Diablo Predator, Custom ypipe and Exhaust and more..

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Some Fun Stuff
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60' 2.290
330' 6.440
1/8 9.849 @ 72.73
1/4 15.193 @ 91.853[/COLOR]

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Doug…there is a reason the HEMI GODS saw fit to make you and I “click” when I showed up here almost two years ago……it wasn’t just our “farm kid roots” that caused it. It was the love of friends and the need to see our “family” happy and at peace with one and other. Your words….just proved it.
Well said my dear Cowboy buddy, well said.

Some of us will talk to a fence post
>>hands on hips.....tappin boot toe<<<<<
HOW’S COMES you pointed at me when you typed that???????

Originally posted by SouthTx_Hemi07:
Howdy everyone! My name is Jeff and I'm a , wait, my wife is a Hemi owner.

HOWDY DOOO SOUTH TXH'07… where is MRS. SOUTH TXH'07???? We got a FEW gals who OWN their OWN HEMIS…..and she is a full fledged bona fide WHEMI…so get her in here to say howdy TOO!
Why don’tcha start a “thread” to say howdy….so everyone can come say hi…
And post a pic or two of the truck?? WE LOVE show and tell!!!
03 Bitchin’ Black 2500 4X4 Laramie

05 Bitchin’ Black 2500 4X4 Laramie Sport

Dude saw it...said it was HIS Baby.....He's right A*G*A*I*N!!!


[color:red]“You’ll know they are a true blue friend if they don’t need to sacrifice you on the altar of status ……. to make them feel better about who they are…[/color]
Quoted from a new found fishing buddy…after a chat sittin on the dock…by the bay…here in Key Largo……
No……he ain’t famous…but he’s Nam Vet….hard core USMC…three Nam tours worth of hard core… and…. in my book….He’s damn smart fellar……and a Hero in every sense of the word…
God Bless ya Joe!
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Great post Mr. Doug!

Yes some of us do have a drink once in a while

Never drink and type. Always bring a desegnated typer. We want you back tomorrow.
2014 Big Horn 4X4, Iron Cross Nerfs, BakFlip bed cover/ 2015 Challenger R/T Plus

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