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2008 leveling kit 2"

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2008 leveling kit 2"

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2008 leveling kit 2"

Try contacting Brian at slammed1, maybe he has an answer? He's a member here, just go down to the Suspension section from the main forum page and look for posts by slammed1, click on his name and select, Invite to Private Message. I PM'ed him today on some drop questions and he was very helpful.
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2008 leveling kit 2"

Good luck on your problem.
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2008 leveling kit 2"

just to make sure i/we understand completely....

is this a 2" lift kit for the front? or a 2" lowering kit for the rear? You can bet if it was installed by the dealer, to move product, it was the cheapest way possible. If it is a front end lift kit, what type is it? Torsion bars Cranked, coil spring spacers, or lift spindles? ALL three types will need to be re-aligned to properly move the Camber back to ZERO spec. Camber, could also cause a toe-out or toe-in problem, thus giving you a shacking steering wheel as the tires fight against each other. (think of it as a front wheel drive car, with the tires toed in, both wanting to go their own direction) Then again, i could be completely wrong, and it may very well be the CV axles in a bind.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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2008 leveling kit 2"

Welcome to HTC,.. sry to tell you but this problem is soooooo 2006.

Some trucks dating back to 2006 do it, including mine,.. even at STOCK. There is nothing you can do but sell your truck if it bothers you,.. or remove the leveling kit.

There is a VAST amount of posting on this subject at dodgetruck.com
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2008 leveling kit 2"

For starters, welcome to the HTC, 08HEMILARAMIEBW.

OK, so what leveling kit did you have installed (what company made it)? I highly recommend getting everything realigned before proceeding. If the problem is still there, remove the leveling kit and have it realigned back to stock. Dodge IFS systems have historically been finicky with modifications, especially when running bigger tires. So, if you've got a cheapo dealer-installed kit, I'm not surprised you've got problems. Some of the stuff I've seen dealerships bolt on is laughable (like one local moron sales manager swapping out the Borla muffler on a Daytona for a crappy aluminized Flowmaster because the Borla wasn't loud enough for his taste - it never occurred to him that the Flowmaster didn't actually flow as well as the Borla).

Troubleshoot this a little further and let us know how it goes. Do not hesitate to upgrade your shocks while your at it. Your stockers are probably POS twin-tubes made by Monroe, and they suck. Swap them for Bilsteins or Edelbrocks.
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2008 leveling kit 2"

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2008 leveling kit 2"

Well I know on jeeps when you lift it too much you have to drop the transfer case cause the driveshafts are so short and are at an extreme angle. So this may be a problem for 4x4s cause of the shorter driveshafts but not for 2wd drive trucks with one drive shaft and the angle will be less severe. But there is a crossmember like yo are saying in the way so u canot drop it much. Strange is does that on 2 inches, you could always put bigger tires on also and the driveshaft angle will decrease.
And I always forget
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2008 leveling kit 2"

sorry to here about your problem! i have a 07 4x4 qc thunderroad and i have a 2.5 leveling kit installed on my hemi and i do not have this problem at all. i have drove my hemi in 4 wheel drive for a week stright on the highway and off-road and still did not have this problem! i have a 2.5 leveling kit from topguncustomz you can check them out here:topguncustomz
try to email them about your problem and see what they say. i hope everything works out and goos luck!
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