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05 QC
"Slightly Tweaked"
Just [email protected]

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with the 10's...Ive seen 13's and some 12's. Our trucks are HEAVY
BV Heads-Greene Racing Cammed & Tuned.

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When you start with the performance mods I'd recommend 4.56 gears and traction bars. Gotta get all that power to the pavement.
'05 RCSB 1500 SLT 5.7 Hemi Ram - Airaid Long Snorkel UBI CAI - Taylor shorty wires - MSD Coil Packs Magnaflow y-pipe - Flowmaster 50HD - Superchips 3865 - Motive 4.56 gears - Detroit Truetrac - PML differential cover some good Karma 8.87 ET
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Hey (first name?????).

Please, don't take this the wrong way. Getting your truck in the 10s is allot harder than you think. In full street trim with our computers and trans, "never".

1. Our trucks are just to heavy.
2. Made for working and towing.
3. Not enough weight over the rear tire to get great traction.
4. Computer tuning can only go so far with our trucks.

Now with all of the negative stuff said. If your serious about going into the 10s and below. And you have all kinds of money to build it the wright way......

************************ "Talk to SuperJay" *****************************************

If anyone can get your truck in the 10s, he can.

Here's some of my suggestions.

1. Rip out that Gen III engine, trans, computer, drive shaft, and rear axle.
2. Install a real 528 Hemi with a supercharger, turbo or even NOS.
3. Install a trans, drive shaft, and rear axle that can handle that kind of HP/TQ.
4. Four link rear suspension with slicks that can handle the trucks weight, and the new HP/TQ.

And then you should have a truck that can run in the 10s or better.

But, if your looking for a REAL challenge. Make what you have in the Ram truck run as fast as it can in full street trim.

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