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Okay, dumb question.....

I have read about guys being able to "lay rubber" for XX number feet. I can't do it to save my life. I can be at a stand still, mash the gas to the floor, and it goes. I have the SC tuner, and I will say that my 1-2 shift, and 2-3 shifts are A LOT firmer, but it seems like the torque management is still in effect from a stop. Is it, or are my BFG ATs really getting that much grip? It's not that big a deal, but I figured with my mods, I should at least be able to bark the tires from a stop.

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Okay, dumb question.....

The only way I can do it is if I hold the break. I do it way too much but its just too fun.
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Okay, dumb question.....

no problems here. QC long bed 4x4,3.92 gears slightly oversize tires and CAI.
From a standing stop, mash the gas, (no powerbreaking) quickly and she will lay two strips for several feet. 3.92 gears.
whats up with yours.
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Okay, dumb question.....

with my mods and stock 20's w/stock tires and 3.92 gear , i only bark on a standing mash, but if i hold the brake down, they will spin.
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