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difference between transgo kits

does anyone know the difference between the transgo 545rfe shift kit and the 545rfe reprogramming kit? i know the reprogramming kit gives you quicker shifts, but does the shift kit do that as well? i know that's the purpose of a shift kit (firming up shifts) but i can't find a concrete answer on the differences between the two kits.

also, does anyone know how to get the hardest shifts possible with the stock valve body? i thought i heard somewhere that you can get really hard shifts if you put extremely stiff springs in the accumulators, or run no springs in them or something. anyone know a trick?

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difference between transgo kits

well let me tell you from experience, First of all, the only difference between the reprogram kit and the regular kit is basically nothing other than the reprogramming kit comes with the transmission oil pump rebuild parts to fix a potential problem that has been known to the 545RFE, the accumulator springs are the same, the resistor is the same, the Low/Reverse valve plug is the same, the cover plate is the same, but both kits have the updated more durable cover than the stock valvebody cover plate. The stock cover plates have been known to twist and break, or rip the little screws out. The shift kit will help alot, but its not going to be neck snapping shifts, that is hard to achieve, with our VB design, its not like other transmission Valvebodies, where a simple shift kit will break your neck. I wasnt satisfied with the shift kit so i bought the sharadon Valvebody, and its okay, but still not what i expected, the only way is to boost pressure, and put in the shift kit and maybe you will be satisfied. The mod that has to do with the accumulators is not as simple as removing the springs alone, you would have waaaaay to soft of a shift and probably fry clutches due to extreme overlap. The mod you are talking about is where you remove the springs and replace them with a steel tube or something to go behind the accumulator and keep it from moving period, the potential to break something is very likely doing this kind of modification. You can try if youd like lol id like to see it done to the RFE. I also know that you can modify the firmness by allowing a faster flow rate to the clutches by way of the Transfer plate, the stock orifices are for a comfortable feel, i was going to do this mod myself but didnt chance it. What you do is find the hydralic schematics of each clutch which i have, look for the orifices which i have found on the transfer plate, and you drill them out to about 10-15% Area of the original orifice hole, slap it all back together and go for a test drive, i have a feeling this is all sharadon does to their Performance VB but i havent had the money to experiment yet, but i probably will do that pretty soon just to see if im right. The downfall to this Modification is the way the Valves are inside the Valvebody, they weird because they're can balance themselves out so i dont know how reliable this mod. would be.Hope i helped you some.
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