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With a heavy heart

Guys its hard for me to write this I'm the type of person I hate to ask for help and its upsets to have to . But heres whats going on. I'm Divorced and I have joint custody of my 3 year old little girl but her mother is primary care giver in the papers. I have had trouble with my ex wife over my child for some time now. but last Wednesday I was out fishing when my phone rang it was the ex ( my child was with her at this time) crying and stating that her husband that my ex is married to now had called and the call was on speaker phone with my 3 year old listening to them fight over the phone well lets say they fight alot in the pass he has tried to hit my ex wife with my child there when I've went over to there house there is a big hole it the wall and just stuff like the ex and her husband throwing thing at each other but the call was about her husband with my child listening threating to kill my ex wife cut her up and burning the house down with my ex in it. This in raged me to no end and I told her that I did not want my child around him till I had talk to him about this . Well I thought about and it got to me when I picked up my little girl on Friday cause come to find out that my ex has let her husband come back and they are in ( I'm not kidding on this ether I know it sounds bad ) but there in Florida on vacation so friday she said that she forgives him for he has bipolor and had not takin his meds yeah my head spins at this point so I go to child services tell them about this they said that they was going to look into it cause while I had my child in there office she I asked what who scared you the other night " jason ( her step dad ) was on the phone and said he was going to cut me and mommy and burn our house " well we talked and got off of that subject and about 15 minutes later with out any thing being said about it goes " I hope I don't get my guts cut out" I'm man enough to say I cried right there in front of them and all. They gave me a peace of paper that said that they want her to stay with me tell the talk to her mom and moms husband. The county I live in is messed up with politics BAD its hard to get any thing done when it comes to children in the courts I've been told I need to get a lawyer but heres the kick I'm bone broke I can afford one and I'm at a lost I'm going to go looking for a lawyer on Monday and hoping to find some help which in my heart seem imposable there is alot more that I could tell you that has gone on but I just not good at typing and its long but my hope is and I hate to say this but child services I'm hoping they can help me make it to were I can make it safe for my child shes even had dreams of him in the walls trying to cut her and she brings it up time to time but inside my hope is fading on finding a lawyer and being able to pay for it. But I'm sorry I've made this long and I don't know I guess messed up but if any one could find it in there heart to say I prayer for my child in this matter I'm sorry that I've asked for help when I know that there other that need it but i'm just at a loss I'm sorry

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With a heavy heart

Thanks for sharing your feelings Chris - sometimes it helps just talking about it. You definitely need to stay on top of this because this is how really bad things start out. I would think the Social Services can intervene here and do the right thing... without you having to go through the expense of getting a lawyer. Try talking with other people within the department, and if they don't move as fast as you think they should, I'd try talking with local media to get things moving. One of our local TV news channels here has a thing called "Ten on your side" - you call them up and explain the situation... they then go to the business/person of concern and discuss the situation. Usually the business or office do not want the negative publicity and will cut the red tape to rectify the issue.

Keep us posted on this one Chris... and
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With a heavy heart

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Mr. Freeze
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With a heavy heart

I hope things work out for you and your daughter.
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With a heavy heart

That sucks Chris. You'll get through it just stay cool. I know that's not an easy thing to do but there is always a way.
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With a heavy heart

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With a heavy heart

. Check with you local CPS office. In our county we have a legal aid clinic one day a month that is free. Your situation may be above and beyond the services they offer but they should be able to get you guided in the right direction.
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With a heavy heart

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With a heavy heart

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With a heavy heart

nothing yet there going to talk to her and my baby in the mourning some how my heart sinks I feel no hope I know that bad but I got an appointment to talk to a lawyer on monday but affording him I don't know lookin not good but still trying and call a few I hope to talk to some other lawyers all I have is some guns I have for hunting and home protection looks like i'm going to have to sell them and at least try something
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