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Jim-CO Chapter Dictator
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I know I don't darken the doorway to this thread that often. A lot of transition going on in my life, while I keep the Lord on my mind and in my heart.

My wife and I are traveling to attend a meeting with a builder in Colorado. He has worked up some numbers, regarding our custom home and I am a little cautious to say they are big numbers. Now I have always been a secure man in life and look at this day and age as a strong reason to be a little frugal. My wife on the other hand says, "My doubt is not founded and all I need is to have a little faith." She takes care of all our banking and budget. She is 100% certain on the flip side of the cost of construction, we will remain more than secure in our future. I know she is right...Yet? There is one thing we are certain...Arizona and the Phoenix area has grown to be too confusing and too impersonal to us. Especially, when it comes to focusing on the Lord and our lives to live more like him.

Prayer request 1: Please pray we make the right decisions with our project. If I continue to have insecurities, may the Lord instill reason that I might see, or release me from these insecurities to proceed with our project with faith.

As I mentioned, we are car. It is 11 to 12 hours one way. Normally, I have humble confidence, that our trip will be safe and - here I go with that word again -..."Secure." This confidence is "Out the window" as this journey is quickly approaching. I have no reason as to why, except a little uneasiness.

Prayer request 2: Please pray for a safe journey.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers.

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and and

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."--Anonymous

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Retired BOD - Doug
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We do the best we can with what we have Jim. I think the doubts come with age. Some of us know that our time is getting shorter and we don't want to gamble with what we've worked so hard for. Knowing that if we make mistakes now there may not be enough time to recover.
I have no doubt that you will make the right decision. You have to level a head to make a bad decision. Things change and if something doesn't work out right you will recover and make it work.
Have a safe trip my friend,and may God ride with you.

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2006 1500 Quad Cab "Lone Star" Edition.

As a courtesy to the other drivers, this is what a HEMI looks like from the front.
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Not everyone can be queen.....there has to be someone standing on the curb to wave as I go by.

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Jim-CO Chapter Dictator
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Thank you for your prayers & comments.
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