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I love my truck. I love everything about my Dodge Ram… well, almost. The exception is the operation of the tailgate – the thing is so heavy to lift up! If you’re benching 250 pounds on a weekly basis, then I imagine you’re laughing at me right now. But for the rest of us, that heavy tailgate is a nightmare to operate – especially if you have items in one arm, and have to lower or lift the tailgate with just one hand. There were many times when I was holding groceries or boxes that I had to actually squat down and get my shoulder into it in order to raise the tailgate!

Well there is great news… Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation has designed a torsion bar that eliminates 80% of the weight of the tailgate. It is a simple design, no moving parts to break, and takes about 20 minutes to install with the help of a friend. The “EasyLift” comes with complete and easy to follow instructions, as well as a full-scale template for the required drilling of two 3/8″ holes (both the holes and the torsion bar are invisible while the tailgate is up).


The detailed installation instructions are pictured below… but when it comes time to remove the Dodge Ram tailgate, use the following procedure. Having a friend or neighbor at your side really helps the process, since the Dodge Ram tailgate is not only heavy, but too large to handle by just one person. Pull the tailgate out enough to release the two safety cables from the bed rail post, and then pull up on the right side of the tailgate to remove it from the pivot post. You will have to raise and/or lower the tailgate slightly to find the “sweet spot” where the tailgate will disengage from the pivot post. Once the right side is removed, slide the tailgate to the right about an inch or so to release the left side. Place tailgate on a table or workbench that has plenty of padding so you don’t scratch the paint. Reverse this procedure to place the tailgate back on the truck.



I was amazed at how much weight was removed from the tailgate by installing this torsion bar… I can now literally open and close the tailgate with one finger! This is the way the truck’s tailgate should have operated from the start. I’m very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to pickup truck owners everywhere!

Buy your Tailgate EasyLift now for only $27.99 plus S&H, your back will thank you.


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